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Indie And Small Press Comic of the Year 2017

so, someone of you may know, but some of you may not…
I like to write and i don’t mean shopping lists…
I write comics and i make them with the help of some amazingly talented artists including fellow MillarWorlder, @dizevez
anyway, i digress…there is a site called pipe dram comics who every year do a rundown of the top 50 small press & indie comics from around the world…
There are some fantastic books included in this list this year…basically, what i am trying to say is Diz and i made the list… for our new comic white NOIR! :wink:

go have a look, you mind find some other cool comics!


Woohoo! Congratulations both. Great exposure (of the decent kind).


Cheers fella…it is lovely to hear people seen to like what we’re making…

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand @DIZEVEZ and i made it into the top 10:

Its in no particular order…so lovely to be included!


We get to “have a say” :heavy_check_mark: :trophy:
Vote here

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Arrrr, I’m not fussed about that.
But cheers for posting the vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just cool to have two books on the list :blush:

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