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Incredibly rare interview with Bill Watterson


Yes, the Calvin and Hobbes dude…


Watterson’s hometown of Chagrin Falls isn’t far from where we live (and they have a really great ice cream place). The last time we were there we actually found the little bookstore where he used to leave signed copies on the shelf.

In previous years, Watterson was known to sneak autographed copies of his books onto the shelves of the Fireside Bookshop, a family-owned bookstore in his hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. However, after discovering that some were selling the autographed books online for high prices, he ended this practice, as well.[21] Valuing privacy, he is reluctant to give interviews or make public appearances. His lengthiest interview was featured as the cover story in The Comics Journal No. 127 in February 1989.[22] He drew a new Calvin and Hobbes cover for that issue of the magazine as well.


Mark I don’t think this is an interview with him. It seems like this is an article advertising a book that contains an interview with Bill Watterson. You’ll need to buy the book to read the interview.


Watterson will always be remembered as one of the creative titans of his era, an indispensable reference and shorthand for everything that was right in the world.