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In dire need of an artist.


Was sent here by Mr.Millar himself. I am an up and coming filmmaker who has wanted to make a comic for a few years. I have finally have cracked the idea. I plan on writing the treatment this week mapping out the first 6 issues. I really want to find a digital artist and possibly sell it to Image of possible. It’s an idea I really cannot stop thinking about. Even if I don’t find an artist I’ll still write it and copy wright the idea.

It’s a space opera, but definitely has a heart at its core. If you’re interested please shoot me an email/msg with some examples of your work.(

Main inspirations of this idea is:

If you’re interested in seeing my work/film work check out my website


If you are used to writing screenplays, do the artist a favour and learn the simple art of comic scripting if you haven’t already. There are lots of examples online, and everyone does it slightly differently. Screenplays are a pretty specific blueprint to the filmmaking process, 1 page per 1 minute of screen time is the average. However, in taking one dialogue heavy screenplay page and translating it to a comic book, you could be looking at anywhere from two to five pages of comic. For one conversation. This random amount of screenplay-to-comic page ratio can be a problem budget-wise when determining how long the book will be… and especially when paying an artist by the page.


Yeah. I plan to map out the first arc this week, with a couple of treatments, then from there go on and write scripts for the issues. I’ve read plenty of comic scripts I am familiar with the format.


Awesome. Nothing worse than getting a screeplay dumped in your lap.

Bu then again, the writer knows nothing worse after the artist has gone into the screenplay and slashed-and-burned through it to make it work better for comics!


Yea I read a lot of interviews about artist/writers relations so that part doesn’t particularly scare me. As long as the artist believes in what we are doing and is passionate I can’t really ask for much more.


You can try to get Image to pick up the book for you, but it would have to be very good. Image rarely picks up books from non-established creators unless the quality level is outstanding. I wouldn’t worry about that though, there’s lots of smaller publishers, self-publishing, and you can even put it out there as a webcomic, and that’s putting yourself on the road to getting established.

Keep us updated on your search!


Hey guys I actually met with someone who is promising. I’ve become so taken over by the idea that even if I can’t get it at Image I’m going to kickstarter with it, and try to publish, and sell the first arc. I’m on the treatment for issue 3 right now. Once I finish the treatments I’ll go ahead and write the scripts. But the idea and world is so fun to write for I will def keep you guys updated with the progress.


I’m Don Edwards and I specialize as a FULL PRODUCTION ARTIST that encompasses comic book art (pencils, inks, letters, colors, and layouts), character concept art, kid’s books, multi-media cover design (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.), movie poster design, logos, photo manipulation, and web-based graphics!

ABOUT ME: 6 years of experience in comics, film, trading cards, video games, and more. FULL production artist. All styles and genres.

CLIENTS: A.J. Brown Productions, The Southside Messenger, Blue Water Studios, Gary Mraz, celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan, Dark Horse Comics, Thunderfrog Comics, Town of Keysville, VA, Strangebedfellows Theater, and many more!

PROJECTS: The Sakai Project, Jesus E. Lee# 4, Thunderfrog Children’s Anthology Project Vol.3, Zombie Mayhem, and several others.

Thanks! Have an awesome day!

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Twitter: (@GreenDuckie)
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A client list can be made available at request.

Thanks for your time!