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'Impossible Tales' Anthology - (On Sale Now!!)


Hi All,

With the help of some brilliant artists I’ve sourced via Digital Webbing I am putting together the first volume of an anthology comic called ‘Impossible Tales’. My plan is to release a volume twice a year each with a different focus as a way of practising my writing and building up a body of work.

Volume one will be focused on the theme of ‘Space’ and contain the following four stories, each 5-6 pages.

Brexit Velocity - After an accident on the International Space Station the UK’s first Astronaut finds himself in an unfamiliar Britain.

One Small Step - Through his tele-presence robot a remote construction worker experiences the ultimate long distance romance with a scientist on Mars.

10 Years to Freedom - Can a group of convicts survive 10 years of hard labour in the Asteroid belt to earn their freedom?

Pure Survival - The trillionnaire founder of ‘Pure’ industries and his son encounter unexpected difficulties whilst demoing their survival kit on a frozen moon.

The scripts are with the artists and I’m already receiving layouts. The aim is to have this pulled together (schedules permitting) in time for MCM London Comic Con at the end of October.

As I don’t have a website for this project yet I thought I’d post work in progress on here to share with the group and so that my collaborators can see what each other are up to.

We’d appreciate any feedback,


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Are writing qualifications worth while?

Here are some concept sketches and an initial layout for 10 Years to Freedom with art by forum member Iván Arnal (@13_aivan). If you like his work (I know I do) you can check out his portfolio here:

Our Hero Danny

Chosen Concept for Guards Ship

Layout for Page 1 - text obscured to hide the plot


Those looks great Stuart.


Here are some concept sketches and panel mock-ups for One Small Step by the Spanish artist Isabel Martin (not on the forum yet). If you like her work as much as I do you can check out her comic portfolio here:

Our Hero Roberto

His Tele-Robotic Construction Unit

Some Layouts for Robot Eye View Panels on Mars

The Object of Roberto’s Affection in Some Peril?


Thanks, I am very lucky to have found someone as talented as @13_aivan to work with. He really gets the genre I’m going for.


This is a great plan of action and pretty much how I started my writing career as well (horror anthology The Evil Inside anthology & romance anthology Amour anthology). Congratulations on the work you’ve done so far and I look forward to the finished result!


Thanks for looking our work in progress @AlexThompson. I am glad that you are keen to see the result.

It’s good to see this is a viable route. I’ve checked out your work and it looks really interesting and has a distinct theme (Sorority Girls Versus Zombies looks interesting). You have quite a big back catalogue. How long have you been going?


Thank you! I’ve been doing this professionally since 2002 (with the release of Vampires Unlimited: Shades of Things to Come #1). Most of that time, I did comics along with a day job. Only the past 4-ish years has comics been my full time gig.


Here are some character sketches and the first page layout for Pure Survival by David Thor Fjalarsson (@dfjalarsson). He’s got a great style that really works well for this adventure story. If you like his work you can check out his portfolio here. and follow him on Twitter at (at)dfjalarsson.

Industrialist and Adventurer - Rikard Svensson

His not so adventurous son Kristoff

A layout for an early page


Here is a sneak peak at page 1 of Brexit Velocity drawn by forum member Philip Johnson (@philthepage). He came in late to replace another artist and has done a brilliant job in a short period of time. If you like his work you can check it out here and following him on Twitter (at)philthepage.

Work in progress on Page 1 featuring our hero Colonel James Hill


Here are a couple more excellent pieces of work in progress from @13_aivan on 10 Years to Freedom .

Layouts of early pages

Page 1 inked


This panel for Brexit Velocity drawn by @Philthepage we’ve decided not to use. But I thought I’d share it as it looks great and hints at one of the influences for this story. Can anyone guess what it is?


Here are thumbnail layouts for early pages of Pure Survival drawn by David Thor Fjalarsson (@dfjalarsson). This story is an adventure set on a frozen moon.


Here is some more concept art from One Small Step drawn by Isabel Martin (not on the forums).

Early concept art for our love interest Ann

Ann’s spacesuit design

Rejected early spacesuit design

Concept art of a supporting character (guess who she is inspired by)


So I have just added some new artwork (above). All of the artists involved are aiming to get their pages completed by the end of September or early October in order to hit the MCM Comic Con deadline. I will be colouring and lettering two of the comics myself so hopefully I can get this done on time.

Currently brainstorming names for my indie comic company. Am considering ‘Impossible Comics’ to go along with the anthology title. However I am conscious that there are plenty of other comic companies beginning with i out there. What does everyone think? Also any suggestions for the next anthology theme? Want something totally different to Space.

Will update again once more artwork comes in.





Thanks for the suggestion @KandorLives. Its definitely the opposite to space. What brought that to mind?


It was the first thing that came to mind. I just thought that there’s an equally large scope for stories and even how you interpret the word.

Did you read any of the Vertigo Quarterly anthologies? They did a set that each related to a colour (CMYK) and then I think they did a set that focused on different sound effects. They might interesting to check out if you haven’t already.

Either way, I’m enjoying seeing the process continue on this thread, so please keep sharing.


Hi @KandorLives,

I’ve not actually seen the Vertigo anthologies, thanks for the recommendation. I will need to check them out. Ironically I am doing this with very little experience of reading anthologies, lol. The only one I have read was called Vast Expanse that I found on Comixology. That was pretty interesting but lacked a theme. Which is why I decided to theme mine.

I will see if anyone else suggests ideas then create a poll for people to vote on it. Would ideally like to next the next theme decided before this one is finished.

The ideas I was toying around with were Western, Fantasy or Empire. Any of them float your boat?

I’m glad you are liking the updates. Thanks for the interest. Let me know if you have any questions on anything and I will try and be helpful and informative. Although I’m really just going with my gut at the moment, lol.



I’ve just booked a Saturday tickets to Thought Bubble in Leed’s to promote this and also enter their 2000AD competition! I hope to see some forum members there.