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Important interview with me about business side of comics


This is especially important for aspiring writers and artists, who have a tendency to get ripped off.



Thank you for being vocal about the need for creators to protect themselves, especially in an industry, as you wrote, that was all but founded on the exploitation of content creators. That’s the story of most industry, but it doesn’t make it right in any instance.
It’s not selfish to stand up for yourself.


Creators are always slightly mocked for being business savvy.

You know who wins when we’re not?

The big companies. The people who have never written a story or drawn a picture. They literally end up OWNING your work and this has happened hundreds of times over three generations with almost every character you ever had on a lunchbox.



I really like this one.

JB: As you’ve built your image or brand did interacting with comic shop owners ever factor in?

MM: The most important relationship for any company is with the people selling the product. A retailer actually told me this last year and it was the most amazing thing I’d ever heard. She said to me that the readers don’t even get to SEE the books unless the retailer orders them and so the feedback and enthusiasm of the retail community is critical if you’re going to thrive. In terms of content, the reader is obviously your most important relationship, but in terms of business the retailer is God. I have a brain trust of about 20 retailers spread across America and the UK I run almost every decision past in these last ten years in particular. I talk about artists, I talk about characters, I talk about events that are working or why they’re not working. It’s really important to talk because these guys are your partners. You thrive or fail together. You can’t just exist in this little creative bubble. That’s suicide.

I used to call it “friends in low places” but that doesn’t even have all the right connotations. I think the more you consider everyone in your food chain especially the people who depend on you the better it is for everyone including you.


Which does lead one to wonder why more comics creators do not become serial killers. I have much respect for all who have been pushing creator-owned for a long time. I will continue to do so, hoping for the day when companies cannot dictate content.

Cool beans, Chief!


A good read and puts some things in perspective. Thanks! (I am sure there was some pleasure in writing other people’s characters, at least for awhile.)