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Imagine Kick-Ass hadn't been drawn by JRJR


Who else could have pulled this off? An interesting question. Is there anyone who could have nailed that realism and grounded vibe he brought to the series?



I’m hoping the answer to this question is whoever is doing art on the new Hit-Girl series. :wink:


I think maybe Aaron Kuder.
but that’s just me


Sean Gordon Murphy.

But, you knew that!


One word:



It’s quite a tough question actually. JR jr has got that great mix of the realism and grit with a slightly more heightened and cartoonish sensibility that helps to sell the more outlandish and comedic aspects as being part of the same world, as well as character designs that have a real sense of solid form, texture and weight.

The first person who springs to mind as being able to pull similar qualities together is Greg Capullo.


Yeah, honestly when I think of Kick-Ass and of it’s art I think of the goofy, kinetic, eccentric, hyper-violence and darkly over the top sequences. Not so much realism

Capullo is a good substitute, he captured quite a bit of that same vibe in Zero Year et.


Came to say Aaron Kuder. Or, he might be too Noir, but Alex Maleev is one of my favorite artists.


I can’t even imagine it, maybe FQ. His visual story telling is over the top superb.


I think Nextwave era Immonen would have been amazing on Kick Ass, but it would have changed the mood of the comic.


Dillon. He would nail the real world-esque vibe perfectly.


Secret Identity-era Immomen would’ve been insanely brutal, in a possibly good way.




Maybe Bachalo.

But in all honesty, JRJR was so great on that book that it’s nearly impossible for me to imagine anybody else doing it. Even with the volume and quality of his portfolio, I really think Kick-Ass may be his best work. Trying to think of who could replace him just hammered home how brilliant he was.


Quoted for truth!


Agreed. I mean, I can’t think of many artists that can make a man getting shot right in the Tunk that hilarious.

Maybe McCrea.


Sarah pichelli




Kinda disappointed in the answers here. Some are bad choices for the tone…and some are just bad choices…
Michael Gaydos would be my pick. Just look at his work on “The Black Hood”. Nails being dark/gritty/realistic, etc, but hes still great at showing motion, unlike Maleev.