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Image Creator Looking For Artists

Hello all,

I am the creator and author of No Place Like Home published by Image Comics. I am returning to the comic book world with lots of cool projects and I am looking for artists for a few projects.

There are 2 small projects (15 - 20 pages each) and a full 100+ page graphic novel.
All styles considered.

If you have samples/portfolio/website please send them to and include page rates for pencils, pencils/inks/colours.

Would love to see your work.

Cheers folks,

here one of my blog, feel free to answer me( email in blog) if you want

hello,i can help bring your vision to life
here is the link to a recent piece i did with James Blundell,
Make your first comic...i'll print it in the back of mine. OPEN
here is a link to my deviant art page

Have you found anyone, very curious what the books are about!

Hello Angelo.

Here is my DeviantArt page:

And my crowdedashell pages I presented to the Millarworld anual 2017.

Thanks & best regards.


i’m interested
Here is my link
I’m not sure if my skill will fit with standard publishing of image comics

My rate is 25$ a page for pencils only so far. And 35$ a page for pencils/inks
I’m a newbie aristist

Thanks for all the replies/emails, we are about to go through them all!

We’ve had over 150 emails and are about to go through them properly. As soon as we’ve gone through them I’ll post an update here. Still not too late to send your stuff!