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I have an idea I’d like to propose to Image Comics, so I wondered if anyone who sent a pitch for them is willing to share the experience. What response you’ve got? Did you follow those four rules to the letter?


I haven’t but I’d say always follow whatever rules they have to the letter. We were filtering submissions here for the annual contest and to be honest there’s always too much to read. Breaking the rules gives an excuse to instantly dismiss any entry and move on to the next.

It’s just the same as in job applications, you have one job, you have time to interview maybe 5 people and 40 applications. First round you are looking which ones to throw in the bin to filter it down. It’s harsh but people don’t have much choice, they are usually expected to do all the recruitment business and do their normal job, giving full and detailed analysis to everything mostly isn’t possible. Comics editors are the same.


I’d agree whole heartedly with Gar. To the Letter! And if you add anything to what they’re asking for, it better have intrinsic visual value that they can evaluate simply within a few seconds of looking at it.

Remember that, more than most, Image is a conduit publisher. They take a set fee and don’t get overly involved, so you need to show them within the pitch that you don’t need babysat and can provide a full comic at a professional standard, on time, without them having to chase you down or help you work out how comics get made. And that you can promote it and get retailers to buy into it. Do all the research you can and then do some more.

Image are not there to lift potential talent out of nowhere and do all the business work for them while they happily sit at home pumping out pages. You will be responsible for nearly everything, bar printing and publishing. They won’t even release a book now untill three issues are fully finished.

Make sure your pitch proves you understand all of this (and can follow through) and you’ve a far better shot at them even considering your idea.


This was something I was going to do but decided to do it all myself and so far it’s paid off I have local shops wanting to carry my comic book and shows asking me to attend their shows. Barring any set backs my comic will be in a few shops by summer and it’s only been a years since I started. Never give up on your dream!


Well, yeah, I think I understood the rule about publishing, creator(s) would do most of the work and Image is there to give a little push, but what really troubles me is that the pitch should include artwork as well or having an artist beside you, who’ll draw. But God knows how I am awful at drawing and looking for an artist (which is much better option to me) is like searching a needle in haystack, 'cuz I don’t know anyone from that field.
In all honesty, my naive settled upon Image (as I heard through a grapevine) as they seem “less demanding” than, Dark Horse etc.

Thanks for the response anyway!




My suggestion to you is to find an artist before you submit anything to anyone… I used Deviant Art to connect with artists and have worked with a few now… With artist in tow and sample pages (pencilled, inked and lettered, plus a colour mock cover), I sent off a series proposal to publishers earlier this week and received my first bite from a publisher within 12 hours of submitting it. (Within fairness the art is amazing).

My current artist is working for free – he’s looking to break into comics too so we’re splitting the project ownership 50/50. I had another few projects where I hired and paid artists to help develop pages and characters and that’s been invaluable. It’s true that you often have to spend money to make money.

Remember, there are a ton of professional comic book writers out there that have their own creator-owned projects that they’re pitching too so the competition is fierce.

And another suggestion: Don’t overlook the small publishers. You’re not going to get rich but it’s great experience and having more creative control over your ideas and characters is worth a lot.


An endless thanks! And a question:

Did you connected to artist specifically, or just started like this topic - I’m looking for blah blah blah…