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I'm writing for Bleeding Cool and my first article is up. Check it out.

So this launched today. Pretty proud of it. Hope you guys enjoy it and share it when you got a minute.


I’m not sure if this belongs here. It is a creative endeavor as we’re talking about comics. But if it should be in the comic book section then let me know and I will delete this and add it there.

so right - great article

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Thanks for checking it out.

Nice :slight_smile: Do you know if Bleeding Cool are looking for more writers/submissions?

Hey Aiki,

I actually don’t know. I got introduced to Rich through a friend and that’s how I pitched this article. They do have a contact page you can use to hit them up. They’re incredibly nice people.

Nice, man! Oh, and I’m with you 100%. Execution is king, embrace change. This is a two in one, right? Article up AND Nerd Fight victor!

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Thanks for checking it out. It’s shocked me at how well it’s doing and how people are taking to it. Next weeks should be interesting as we’re tackling this issue. Is Replacing A Character With a Minority Substitute A Viable Solution To The Lack Of Diversity In Mainstream Comics

Our aim is to switch articles off with a light topic and then a hard hitting topic and to also switch the sides we take.

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That one sounds good too! Looking forward to it.

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