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I'm struggling with my Top 10 movies of 2015


I remember this happened a few years back too, but I honestly can’t think of 10 movies I saw this year that I loved, which is very, very unusual for me.

Obviously, it’s a blip. A lot of good stuff got the Hell out of 2015 when Superman V Batman and Star Wars were heading for summer with Avengers and more. I remember feeling a terrifying chill when I heard, way back, that we might go into 2015 with Kingsman instead of the original plan of 2014 as the competition looked so fierce 12-18 months before we actually came out, looking at the original schedule.

But it’s actually been quite a disappointing year for movies and a low not seen for five or six years. Given I go to the flicks most weeks it’s shocking that I can’t think of ten movies yet that I loved. Tons of spy movies, barely any especially good ones. A few superhero movies, but nothing that set the world on fire. By this point I’m usually squeezing the best of the best into my annual Top 10 but this year can barely manage five and so I’m holding off until almost Christmas in the hope of getting Star Wars in there too in a bid to beef up the numbers. We don’t get Hateful 8, Creed or The Revenant until the New Year so in the meantime my great, great loves of 2015 are…

*Mad Max Fury Road
*Kingsman (slightly biased)
*The Visit (which I really, really loved)
*Ex Machina
*An Innocent Man (struggling a bit now)
*Going Clear: The Scientology documentary
*Get Hard

Yeah, I know Get Hard is a surprise and I saw it on a plane so it doesn’t really count. I also really hate broad comedy (even Ted, which I know everybody loves, doesn’t work for me at all), but my God I laughed my head off all the way to the States watching this a couple of months back. Totally, totally recommended.

Really want to see The Lobster and MacBeth and though reviews have been mixed also love the story behind In The Heart of the Sea and so looking forward to that enormously. Children’s movies I think were especially poor this year. Inside Out didn’t work for me at all and my toddlers were utterly baffled by the premise. Pixar I think now officially making movies for the critics, at which they are very good, and completely forgetting the children. I haven’t seen a single child playing with an Inside Out toy and I can’t name a single character, for example, whereas I can name the entire cast of The Incredibles, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille or whatever.

Star Wars, don’t let us down!

Anything else I’m missing?


Star Trek: Beyond looks brilliant BUT...

I know what you mean about Pixar. I didn’t even see Inside Out for that very reason.

Apparently The Good Dinosaur is much more kid-oriented though - I’m looking forward to that one.

Two other crackers from early this year were Birdman and Whiplash - still probably my favourites of the year, along with Ex Machina.


I think I saw them last year. Weren’t they released in 2014?



I’d definitely have Whiplash in my list. It’s the film I’ve tried to persuade the most people to go to. Also liked Slow West, The Song of the Sea and Selma.

Also, I loved The Lobster, my husband really didn’t.


I could vastly be wrong with dates also, oh, but I’d add The Martian too.


Birdman was a 2014 release in the US but the very start of 2015 here. Same with Whiplash I think - it had been doing the rounds at festivals since early 2014 but was a late '14 release in the US and early '15 in the UK.


I agree entirely on Inside Out, it’s very good but aimed way above the target audience. It’s basically a look back at being an emotional teenager which means absolutely nothing to kids younger than that.

The Good Dinosaur however is a simple story very suited to kids. The plot is more or less the same as Finding Nemo but there’s lots of physical comedy and laughs for the kids. Mine chuckled all the way through and not at all at Inside Out.


My list would probably be:

Ex Machina
Mad Max
Terminator Genisys

I’ll leave it at eight because I’m pretty sure Hateful Eight and Star Wars will end up on my list too. :slight_smile:

There are loads I still want to watch but haven’t managed to see yet, too: Sicario, The Martian, Inside Out, The Revenant, The Good Dinosaur, Macbeth, Peanuts, Mission Impossible, Kingsman, Straight Outta Compton, Bridge of Spies, Spy, Mr Holmes, Black Mass, Steve Jobs and (yes) Fantastic Four.


Yeah. It’s been a tough year in terms of movies. That said, I think that’s only true of Hollywood films. Further afield there have been some interesting flicks I rather enjoyed…

Herewith my top 10:

Joker Game: Japanese spy/action flick . Great cinematography, exciting and flowing chases, explosive action, and decent plot which keeps you interested. A little like the recent remake of The Man From UNCLE.

The Man From UNCLE: Yeah. I just mentioned it but it’s on the list in its own right. I wasn’t expecting to like it but as a fan of the TV series, I really enjoyed this one-shot(?). Great production design and some outrageous action makes it worthwhile.

Kingsman: I did prefer the book more but the movie was pretty cool.

Ant-Man: So much excellence in what was essentially a heist movie. Paul Rudd is awesome.

Attack On Titan: Purely for the whole comics to movie thing. It’s not great but I enjoyed it for what it was.

The Wedding Ringer: I have never been a fan of Kevin Hart.This movie though caught me by surprise. In fact, it was the opening sequence that kept me watching because by the time Hart came on screen, I was hooked on the protagonist already. Surprisingly funny.

What We Do In The Shadows: An OFFICE-style mockumentary that follows the lives of four vampires living in contemporary Wellington, New Zealand. It’s packed with both subtle and screaming gags and is definitely an indie hit.

It Follows: Seriously engaging indie horror flick about a curse that literally follows you until it kills you. A really good popcorn flick.

Far From The Madding Crowd: A sumptuous telling of this Thomas Hardy classic (and one of my favourite novels). Carey Mulligan and Michael Sheen turn in superlative performances.

Chappie: Possibly a biased pick since I’m South African but still a really good sci-fi flick. It’s flawed in places to be sure but not enough to detract from its enjoyability.

Yeah…that was a little more difficult than I thought.

The Falling: Released in 2014 but I only saw this year. A very eerie and totally mesmerising film that writhes through its plot more than twists. Maisie Williams breaks out from the whole Arya Starke thing to show off her acting chops. Totally worth watching.


So, so hard compared to last year, don’t you think? The summer tentpoles were especially bad this year in my opinion. I’ve pretty much lost interest in Marvel Studios characters now, but found Ant-Man warm and likeable and Daredevil of course has propped up their TV side of things a lot through sheer brilliance.

But Papa Disney about to get a new favourite child this month. I sense sands shifting.



For shame on this board Wallace! :wink:


WHAT the actual F**K?



Still have a load I want to see, but here’s my current Top 20, unordered:

The Duke of Burgundy
Mad Max: Fury Road
Inside Out
Mistress America
Ex Machina
Kingsman: The Secret Service
It Follows
Beyond the Lights
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
The Falling
The Diary of a Teenage Girl
Queen of Earth
The Martian
Steve Jobs
Bone Tomahawk
Bridge of Spies


I would struggle to come up with 10 movies this year…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road (still trying to figure out a way to watch this over Christmas…Mrs. Jones doesn’t think her parents would be keen).
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  • Kingsman
  • What we do in the Shadows
  • Ex Machina
  • Going Clear - I saw it in on Netflix when I was in Luxembourg. Scary stuff.

I liked both Ant-Man and Age of Ultron, but not enough to call them my favourite movies of the year.


It’s probably pretty telling that some of the movies people are saying are their favourite did indeed come out late 2014 for Oscar season.

Your list is spot on for me, although I haven’t seen either Getting Clear or the visit.

There was probably more slight disappointments for me than genuine glee.

Avengers (which I’ve grown to like more and more), Spectre and even Inside Out all failed to scratch a itch.

Mad Max was probably the only genuine cinematic thrill for me – all the others on your list I ended up seeing on DVD. Get Hard is great though. Although I did see Ant Man on Imax actually, in 3D, and that was great, but more for the experience than the cinematogrophy or narrative.


To be fair that’s always the way. They release the Oscar bait in the US at the end of the year so it is eligible and fresh in the minds of voters but know that actually releasing it at the time of the nominations is more commercially sensible. So the rest of the world gets 90% of these films in January - March.

Even in the US they rarely set the box office alight so people there have mostly watched them on DVD in the next calendar year.


Thats true, but presumably if there was more memorable films in 2015 proper those films released at the end of last year wouldn’t be as dominant in these lists?


That’s because the really memorable films of 2015 are actually coming out in 2016 almost everywhere else. :wink:


To be honest I only heard about it the other day, I don’t know why no-one here has really mentioned it before.


Maybe but it has to be accepted that most of the audience won’t see those things until the next year. Which is why I’m not a big fan of going strictly on IMDB US release dates. There’s a risk they will never be considered in some limbo zone.