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I'm signing in CHICAGO & NAPERVILLE this Saturday!


Here’s every detail you need, my Americanos! See you there!!


So here's what I got up to in the States...

Really looking forward to these signings. Can’t wait.


I take it Jim will be your chauffeur? If so, make sure he wears a hat, suit and gloves!


@Bigdaddy - Any chance you’ll be hitting one of these signings up?


We’ll be driving 300 miles round trip to the Naperville store, and wearing our costumes so we should be easy to spot. :wink: This will be the highlight of my daughters summer! (ok maybe mine too :wink: ) We’re going to get there early to do some shopping before the signing.


Very cool. I’ll be driving a little over 300 miles (from the other direction if I’m not mistaken). It will be nice to meet you.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Naperville. I mostly remember it for an underage club some friends and I used to go to called Zero Gravity. Just googled it and it looks like it’s still there. Scary.


I hope he’ll be driving a Kingsman taxi!

Great, I was hoping we’d get a chance to me some other Millarworlders! I hope Zero gravity isn’t the pub Mark was tweeting about going to afterwards. :wink:


Me too. It’s one of the things I love about this place. Hooking up with Jim, Mark and a few of the other guys the used to haunt this place was one of the coolest things I’ve had the chance to do as a comic fan.

I highly doubt Zero Gravity will be the place. There’s no alcohol there. I’m surprised the place is still open. :wink:


Taking over Jim’s bar for the afternoon.


It’s like a nerd version of Cheers!


It was pretty cool.


You mean the cool version.


Just keep telling yourself that, Carla.


That’s a classic pub! (nothing but cowboy bars around me!) Doesn’t look too nerdy, not a Star Wars or Dr. Who shirt to be seen. :wink: Packing the Truck and getting ready for the road, see you guys in Naperville!


So Will is Woody???

Looks like a good time.


Millarworld Illuminati at the Bean


Mark & Kick Ass

Photo by @Jake


Getting our ass our asses kicked by Kick Ass.


We got to meet @Bigdaddy and his family. Super-nice people. So glad they came.


It was absolutely great meeting Big Daddy, Hit Girl, Night Bitch, Kick-Ass and Red Son Superman!