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I'm offline for a few days...


…but ye must, must, MUST check out all our new creators in the Millarworld Annual this very Wednesday.

the most important lesson a new creator can learn is getting their work out there and public so I leave it with my thirteen homies to get the word out there.

Good luck to everyone and VERY WELL DONE on a brilliant job!

PS New talent search for 2017 annual begins THIS SEPTEMBER.

Pens and pencils poised…



still heat broken about not making it in this years…don’t think i can handle another rejection! :weary:

But then again, you throw Nemesis into the mix and you got yourselves a deal, player! :grin:


Rejection is 90% of starting out.

Even 10 or 20 years in you will face rejection.

Overcoming it is the most important skill to acquire anyone serious about a freelancer career.



Oh, in know that big fella!
All part of that process…i work in sales…i’m very much used to rejection!

I’m was just messing! :wink:
I was testing the water to see if you were going to throw Nemesis into the mix!

Cheers for the response, appreciated!


Maybe we will get to work together again - ON THE NEXT ANNUAL!!!


But If not we’ll do it like Lian Neeson:


Such a great film too.
I love any excuse to use this clip :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Garvey motto


Creating the Garvey comic Universe…with your help! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So glad to be a part of the Garveyverse


Much more to come…hopefully three new books in the next six months too :blush:


Just thrilled with the finished project, you guys. So many great stories from great creators; it’s one of the most consistent collections of shorts from a variety of creators I’ve ever seen. I know as a reader how frustrating it can be when we get those halfed ass Superman or JSA shorts where maybe one or two of them succeeds, but that isn’t the case here. Every story is on point, every story delivers (though I do have my favorites).

Pumped for you guys to check it out!

And I’ll have more coming soonish, both for free and for pay! :slight_smile:


One of the most important bits of advice for any creative endeavor, not just comics. Thanks for being such an encouraging role model, Mark.