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I'm new here, so here's a free comic


So this is my first day here at Millarworld. If we’re being honest, it’s the talent search that’s brought me here.
Looking around, I wish I would have gotten here sooner, it seems like a nice place to hang out.

As a “thanks for having me” I’m posting a link to my comic Switch. If you’re so inclined, feel free to check it out (I mean its free and its sci fi, so I feel like that’s a pretty good scenario)

Below is the link and the description from Comixology. Feedback always welcomed!

“Control over the multiverse is at stake.
Davis, Department A’s best “viewer”, is tasked to lead a team into one
of their rival’s artificially created dimensions. If they can find the
right switch to get in, assassinate a key senator and get out, the power
will swing in their favor. They’ve got a defector to show them where
the switch is, but after that, it’s up to them…”


Hey Josh,

Nice to meet you. I’ve just downloaded the SWITCH PDF. I’m going to read it and I will give you feedback. :slight_smile:


That’s way cool. I really liked it, Josh.
I love the fringe military science vibe to the strip, and you did a good job spooling out information about how the dimension jumping and viewing works without losing the reader.
The art style is a perfect match for it’s tone. I love the variations to the base style too, like the transition scene on page 4.

So you’re the writer, and the mysterious vanishing Al was the artist, and David’s does the colour?

One minor nitpick:
There’s a couple of points where i had to pause to work out of I read left or down: the red panels on page 2 and page 10 after “So he had no idea what happened?” - and that’s due to the panel shapes and speech bubble placements. No big deal though.



Thanks for checking it out! I’m glad you liked it. Also thank you for the feedback. That section bugs me as well. At the time of production, I didn’t really notice it, but after it was too late thought “oh shit, this is a little rough”. Live and learn I guess.

To your question, yes I wrote and lettered the story. Al drew the whole thing then disappeared one day. Still trips me out to this day.


Hello! Nice to meet you too!

Thanks! I look forward to your feedback and more adventures here on the site.


This is pretty cool for a self published/indie comic, there’s usually a horrible gap in the self published territory of comics. I work in this territory as well, I skimmed through the art, it was some interesting stuff! I’ll have to read it soon.

I hate to give a negative review but the design of the cover with the logos on the upper right don’t look to good.
The Dog logo looks great but might I suggest this? I work in Photoshop almost every day.

You could put a whole circle border around the dog logo and get rid of the clunky grey square behind it, try looking at other company’s logo’s and see how they work so well on covers.
The number don’t look so good ether.

If you need me to help with the logo you can personally email me here, no charge.


I’ve read Switch and the dialogues flowed really well for me. I didn’t realize I’ve read the whole thing within 10 minutes, since on some pages there was quite some text. But it worked all fine, so a big thumbs up to you Josh.

My personal opinion for the lettering: try to keep the speech bubbles within the panelborders, but that’s just me.

I’ve read your note at the end and too bad Al stopped making comics with you.
Good thing you and David are still creating. I have a lot of respect for comic creators like you, since I know it takes alot of time and money, to make your dream come to live.

Fantastic job man and feel free to send us updates when you have new projects!


No that’s totally fine, thank you for the feedback on the logo. I’ve never been 100% satisfied with it and have been meaning to update it. (Things to do though right??) I may take you up in the offer.
Thanks for checking out the book.


@rchrishyde Thanks for checking it out. I 100% agree with the lettering comment. It was just too hard with the little amount of room Al left for the dialogue. #lettererproblems

Thanks for checking it out!!


Anytime Josh.


Hi Josh,

I remember reading Switch a while back, I actually worked with David at one point as well, and he sent me a copy. Great job, great story. Best of luck with your Millarworld pitch.