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I'm looking for your experience as an artist.


Hi, All.

As I’m editing my current project, I’m looking to bring an artist into the fray. It’ll obviously be a little bit until my edits are done, but I would like to get a jump on this venture.

I’ve never worked with an artist, so I’m aiming to get your feedback on your experience as an artist who worked with a writer. I really want to be a solid, positive collaborator, so I would like to know anything you can offer to help me get a head start on that end.


(And, yes, I do intend to pay the artist for their work.)


Hi JarredX

You never worked with an artist, I never worked with a writer, but I did some submissions, so, the process is familiar to me. Please take a look at some of my comics and say if it’s what you want.

Thanks for your attention!