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I'm just out of Spider-Man: Home-Coming...

…and it was good I had to buzz Jim O’Hara of this Parish right after as we were heading for a cab.

I’m not sure any Marvel movie beats it and I mean at ANY studio. First Class is great, Spidey 2 is great, DOFP is great, the second half of Avengers 1 is great, Blade 2 is great, Iron Man 1and Thor 1 are both great.

But this is maybe better.

Guardians 1 and 2 I think both still top, but my God it’s close. Ragnorak looks immense.

In a year when superhero movies should be slowing down they’re actually getting better. Get Out and The Handmaiden still the best pictures of the year so far though.



He sounded like a teenage girl coming out of a New Kids on the Block concert (how’s that for an up-to-date reference). Excited, breathless and speaking an octave higher than normal.

I’m delighted this movie looks so good - we really need a great Spiderman flick.


I caught the 6pm viewing in Dumfries and left grinning from ear to ear.
Especially telling was that the better half was right into it and although the other marvel movies are heavily referenced and she’d seen them (she has a memory like a siv when it comes to these movies) she didn’t feel lost or overwhelmed.
Some very cool nods to John Hughes and some great High School moments which we could all relate to.
I honestly cant pick any holes in it and I’m an arse when it comes to this stuff.
Definitely leaves you wanting more.

Both end credit sequences are solid especially the curtain call. Stick around folks you’ll be glad you did :stuck_out_tongue:


Please tell me this won’t be another origin story. *fingers crossed

I was actually going to call it the worst superhero movie of the year so far, though not bad at all. It’s just been a strong year. Then I remembered Wonder Woman and I’m not sure which of the two is weaker.
I’m glad that it’s really working for some people though. The Vulture was great.

@Mark_Millar Now I’m really kicking myself for missing The Handmaiden. Did you see the director’s cut? I remember seeing both playing in cinemas.

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Wife got us tickets for tomorrow night. Looking forward to it!

Your good


See, I was going to quote your post, change the band to One Direction but that doesn’t work now either, so, that leaves big Q: What is the current boy band girls go nuts over?

More seriously, this is sounding very cool and another win for Marvel - their 16th picture now? It’s hard to keep track.

I saw it in advance thanks to a premiere. Personally I think the whole “MJ” being called Michelle Jones thing was completely unnecessary, just change for the sake of it. This was a fun movie, but nothing comes close to the Raimi version for me. This lacked the pathos and gravitas of the original Stan Lee comics that I think Sam captured so well in his movie.

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The kinetics were better in the Raimi movies and Maguire way more sympathetic than Tom Holland (who’s perfectly good, though a little WHOA I’M SNAP-CHATTING THIS ON MY PHONE, DUDE!!!). But as a movie, in terms of structure and laughs and overall story, I think this is better and less cartoony. It’s probably just a time/ fashion thing, but it feels a lot more natural.

Nobody directs action like Raimi tho. He’s still the boss.



Kandor, you are one crazy motherfucker lol. I just think you’re trolling now :wink:


I was good with that.

It means that they can have an MJ now but they can introduce Mary Jane Watson later if they want to have her as a separate character. It did make me wonder about other characters in the film. Especially since Liz Allan is really Liz Toomes. I’m going to have to rewatch it to see if Flash is referred to as Flash Thompson. Ned is certainly never referred to as Ned Leeds, although Betty is Betty Brant.

They are kinda giving nods to the comic book characters, while leaving open the possibility to include comic book accurate versions later on.

Overall, the movie was great, which is what really matters. I hope Sony and Marvel keep this partnership going for many more films.

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I did a reconnoiter on this, Ned is not referred to anywhere as Ned Leeds even from the production notes or promotion it seems, however, Liz has been referred to as Liz Allen-Toomes and Liz Toomes (nee Allen) meaning Toomes either isn’t her biological father or he is and she will simply revert to her mothers maiden name (Allen) for any future films, or leave it in canon. Flash’s name is apparently Eugene ‘Flash’ Thompson. I think the Flash most probably either refers to his DJ name or it’s a nickname coming from him being ‘flash’ with money and such (the car, apparently his fathers, has the plate FLASHDRV so I think this may be a passed down nickname and his father is also nicknamed Flash). I think I racall a moment where a teacher called him ‘Mr. Thompson’ during the film.

Also just out of the movie and also now buzzing. Get me a deli sandwich with pickles, the Ramones and Marisa Tomei!

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I must admit as much as I like the movie I was disappointed at the lack of Uncle Ben death (kidding!)

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So, I couldn’t wait to go see it & I had to take my eldest along.

I’ll let you all know our views as soon as it’s over.


At least you’ve stuck to the wall in solidarity with our hero.

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Is Maguire’s Peter that sympathetic though? I found him a bit of a drip bordering on a creep. “Oh hi, I’m just spying on my next door neighbour through her open window, but it’s fine, we’re totally friends”. I could see him using the phrase “friend-zone”.


I think Raimi was channeling a more innocent era, mainly the Donner Superman movies which were a big influence for Spidey 1 and 2.

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Not sure how we ended up that way… Something odd with the uploader.

Personally, that is my favourite Spider-man film so far. Dispensing of the origin story and the Uncle Ben stuff actually helped it to focus on this story fully.

Lo keeps dancing from liking it to disliking it. He told me before it started that he did ln’t like the boat bit (he had seen the trailer). He thought it was a bit scary, currently peril is really worrying him and he was concerned for the people on the ship. Conversely he tells me that the end of the elevator scene, with “Karen” telling Peter to take his chance with Liz was really funny.

The scene later in the film with Toomes opening the door to Peter as he arrives to collect Liz was brilliant. It took me completely by surprise. Having said that there was a moment earlier on that did reference the fact.

The biggest negative for me was the amount of tech in the suit that Stark gives Peter. We have an Iron Man, we really don’t need an Iron Lad.