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I'm guest-editing today's Big Issue


This is maybe the best issue of anything ever. A Heroes Special featuring Mark Hamill interviewing Ray Davis, Gregory’s Girl on Adam West, the actress who plays Ash in Pokemon interviewing Nichelle Nichols, the guy who writes the Millarworld book taking a boat to interview David Icke. You can’t not buy this from a street-vendor today!


Why can’t I find a BI vendor when I need one!

Will be picking this up as soon as I do - probably their kookiest issue yet!


Is that an adult or a child sitting in front holding a copy of Empress?


The former playing the latter. Wee Jimmy Krankie - one half of the Scots comedy double act and swingers duo:


It looks frightening like some kind of reverse Chucky.


The 1980’s were a weird time.


Flag that as one American introduced to the glorious world of Jimmy Krankie. Your work for the day is done, Mark.




That’s actually pretty accurate.


He also kind of reminds me of Donald Trump.