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I'm finishing Huck this morning


Panel descriptions getting typed up for issue done. Done by lunch-time.

How mental is THAT?

Series announced on July 2nd plus a nice big preview. But I’m so happy with this thing. I think it’s just come together really well and the fact it worked out quickly is always a good sign for me creatively. Weirdly, the faster you write something the better it tends to be and the more constipated the storyline the more it tends to have problems. I’ve averaged a week an issue on this which, for me, is incredibly fast. Jupiter’s Circle is roughly the same actually as was the early Authority issues, Chrononauts and Starlight, all of which I’m very happy with so this is a good sign.



Having been an Avid Millar Reader since your Early years I think, whatever you’re doing at the moment, is resulting in your absolutely best stuff. Starlight, Jupiter’s and Chrononauts are your top-series.

The next favourites would be, for me, Kick-Ass, Wanted, Superior and Supercrooks (Which either have a film, or one in development) so, my question is: WHEN WILL WE KNOW WHO IS PLAYING DUKE MCQUEEN?


Not that we would wish to influence that decision in any way …cough cough Kurt Russell cough cough.


I wonder what Kurt Russell’s favourite Kurt Russell movie is?

Probably Starlight.


I agree with Tim. I’m really impressed with the work you are currently turning out. Every book is top notch with the best artists. It’s a good time to be reading comics.