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I'm editing the MW annual scripts this morning


These six scripts are really very good. Much better than I even expected.

The editing is light, some newbie mistakes like too many words and too many panels, but getting back to everyone with notes today and we should be in good shape to get these out to the artists next Wednesday, which is the deadline for the rewrites I’m asking for.

Can’t wait to get this out there.



You are my favourite cool uncle of comics.


Very cool. I am looking forward to seeing the annual this summer.


I think everyone is as eager to get this comic as they were to submit (myself included.)


Like I said in another thread…One of the things about this whole contest that has been fun for me to observe as a professional UX Designer is the themes and character traits that bled through in all the work. As a creator, I would love that kind of feedback and insight as to how people see my stories and characters.

I’m looking forward to seeing the annual to see where the winning stories went to be unique yet familiar. :smiley:


Awesome! I can’t wait to read!


Is there a thread mentioning the winners of the Artist side of things? I’ve assumed it wasn’t me but I would’ve loved to have seen the winners posts, get an idea what you were looking for.


There names are listed here: Here are the winners of the Millarworld Talent Search

It is easy to find them via the search feature, but most of their stuff is also posted in this thread.