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I'm auctioning my keyboard + 25 signed comics!


As readers know, our friend Wilfredo Torres lost his wife to cancer a little over a week ago and Brent Schoonover had the brilliant idea of a fundraiser for he and his family where artists across our community had ebay actions for their work and all proceeds were donated to the #TorresBenefit. You can read about this year.

I’m not an artist, but wanted to contribute in some way and thought it might be an idea to auction the keyboard I use to write my stories every day. This has brought me a lot of good luck and it will hopefully bring someone else good luck too. I’ve also hand-picked 25 titles from my career and autographed them. Some of them, like the first edition of Superman: Red Son #1, are quite hard to find. This is all going as a package here:



I don’t know if you can edit listed ebay descriptions but it might be orth saying that the winning bid goes forward to this very worthy cause. Might help push bidding up even more.


It seems like most of the eBay auctions that are up now have avoided that. I’m not sure if it is because of eBay rules or if it’s just to avoid attention to anything other than the items up for bid.


It is because of eBay rules.


I see this ended at $787! Fantastic!