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If you like alcohol and space, you might like this comic


I decided to celebrate the fact that Warshiner FINALLY got on Comixology and I have a slew of positive reviews by sharing some pages with you guys. This was my first print project and after learning a lot of things the hard way I can finally say issue one is published! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to collapse and recoup because before I know it issue two will be done and I have to start all over again lol.


Hi Rebecca. I love the cover. I will check that out on Comixology over the weekend.


Hi Rebecca, congrats for getting a comic completed together and putting it on Comixology. I hope you do well with Warshiner - it’s certainly the time for space sagas!

Were you the writer or the artist on this book?


I think you can probably delete the word ‘if’ from this thread title. :smile:

Looking good Rebecca.


I was the writer. My artist is Katie Rodriguez and I always feel like I don’t pay her enough.


Y’see, that’s just a rookie mistake…paying the artist. Aren’t you supposed to sweet-talk them into doing it for free on the basis that they will get “exposure”? :wink:

Ducks for cover while artists throw stuff at him.


Lol agreed I’ll change it to “Hey saucebags! You guys like space so read this!”


Love this…