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If you don't have an LCS...


If you don’t have a comics store in your local area, how do you get your comics? Do you get them digitally? Order them from online services like Drive to neighboring cities that have them?


I’m a bit spoiled now as my route is almost exactly between my house and my job. Before we moved, I used to drive 40 minutes to get to my LCS. There was an LCS in my hometown in the early 90’s but it went away when that all fell through.


I have a LCS, but they suck, so I get my comics by post from The Big Bang in Dublin.



Technically it is possible to get them sent by post from comic shops a couple of hundred kilometers away but they are prohibitively expensive, usually around $5 for a $2.99 book before you add in shipping. Before digital launched in 2011 I just got trades instead which are much cheaper due to the distribution setup.


I rely solely on trades and digital now that I’ve gotten a Kindle.
The LCS scene here in Raleigh, NC is non existent, but even if there was a good scene here, I don’t have patience anymore to read monthlies.
The Marvel Unlimited app has been a godsend for me to get caught up on the last decade or so of marvel books (I stopped roughly around the time of Ultimates 3). I’ve been getting caught up on Superior Spider Man, Fractions Hawkeye and Secret War/Dark Reign, and Fractions Invincible Iron Man.
I wish DC had an equivalent…


When I lived away from an LCS for 16 months from 2008 to 2009 I just stopped buying comics. Hope this helps.


Drive to the closest city most of the time, about 40 miles. My bi-monthly deliveries to Chicago take me past a great shop there on Wednesday so I always stop.


What do you currently do for comics, @Will? Do you have an LCS nearby?


I buy most of my stuff digitally now, but that is purely from a space saving point of view.

I still buy trades of stuff that I want to own physically.


I live in walking distance of every comic shop in Dublin bar one, and that one is on the tram line I take to and from work.

But I very rarely buy comics these days.


Have toy robots stolen your heart?


Toy robots have had my heart for a long time. And I do buy a lot of my robots from the comic shop closest to my house.


You ever go to Big Bang?


I’ve been in the shop twice. It’s the one on the tramline to work, but that does mean it’s kinda inconvenient to get to compared to all the other shops.

Also, they don’t sell the robots I generally buy.


Comics have taken off here in the UAE. Before I had to make use of online ordering. Now, thanks to the local Comic Con, the comics scene has exploded and there are massive merch and comics retailers who can basically source anything… So the latest comics drop here around the same time as they ship back in the States.

Back home in South Africa, I’d make use of Mile High for trades. We also have two huge merch and comics retailers in Cape Town but they get their shipments delayed by about a week or so.


I can’t believe you didn’t say, “…the droids I’m looking for”.


One mech-related franchise I appreciate nearly came to legal blows with Lucas over the word droid so we’re a little gunshy


And How.

But it’s better for having survived the Wrath of all those legal actions.


I take it everything is in English. Is the language a barrier to adoption?


Everything is in English. It’s the second language after Arabic. When it comes to education, a lot of the locals send their kids to American schools here and many of them go to American, English or Australian universities either here or abroad, like NYU (there’s a campus in Abu Dhabi too) or Middlesex (there’s a campus in Dubai). So you hear the American accent a lot. So language is not a barrier.

Back home in South Africa, all the comics are in English but there’s a thriving indie Afrikaans scene too. The barrier in South Africa is cost since the exchange rate is pretty shite, so the cover prices and merch prices are steep for the average Saffer.