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If you could be in any ended TV show, what would you be in?


For me its Seinfeld, always Seinfeld.


Magnum P.I. I could be his son carrying-on as Selleck looks just like my dad. :wink:



But only if I could be Brains’s lab assistant. I wouldn’t want to do any of the dangerous stuff.



No-one but Chandler has to do any work, but everyone always has money (not to mention great appartments in New York). People are pretty funny, and everybody is always nice to each other, in the end. Also, there’d be people to play table footbal with, which is essential for me.

I would have prefered a Sorkin show in many ways, but you do run a risk of being shot or something, there.


Quantum Leap.

Leap around, have adventure, functional immortality.


I always hated Friends because usually a show just has one person in the group who is the dumb guy. In that show, there was just one that was dumber than everyone else. :wink:


Three’s Company or The Dukes of Hazzard


You may want to rethink that after seeing this:


I think Star Trek is really the only answer here.

Red is not my color by the way.


I’ll say it again, the friends always seemed less like friends - and more like aquantances.

Ross and Chandler are College Friends.
Chandler and Joey are Roomate Friends.
Monica and Rachel USED to be Friends.
Monica is the Sister.
And Phoebe is someone they know

And they just intersect.


I would go for Star Trek: The Next Generation era. (24th Century)


To be honest between my 4 years in Boston and 6 years in New York, I feel like I HAVE lived in both Cheers and Seinfeld.


Star Trek is a good call. But then, you still have a high chance of death even without a red top, and that’s an important consideration.


It’s a fair point, and why I also feel drawn towards The West Wing (where nobody is dumb - even the aide is cleverer than any of us!).


The Rockford Files. I think that I would make a brilliant, slightly shady 1970’s Private Investigator.


You might enjoy this article then…


If i based it on the cast of the show, it would be either Firefly or Farscape. I include Farscape because of the puppets and Ben Browder and Firefly because from audio commentaries and appearances, they appear to be the cast that has the most fun. Character wise, maybe Chuck or Middleman, because they were cool secret agents who had great toys /abilities and did not have to worry about much bureaucracy.


I wouldn’t pick Star Trek because it’s a pretty violent place so chances are you’d end up invaded or blown up or something horrible like that.

My favorite shows of the last few years are Spartacus, Vikings, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, Game of Thrones, Justified, Supernatural, Archer, Always Sunny and Black Sails. None of those are places I’d like to visit for too long.

I was going to suggest Gilmore Girls, but I’m pretty sure after a while I’d want to kill everyone in Stars Hollow.

So I think I’m going to go with the Flintstones. Nice easy life, hang out with Fred and Barney drinking beer and then have an affair with Betty behind Barney’s back.


Mork and Mindy. Everything just seemed… nice.

(Plus, Pam Dawber.)


I think I would want to go there SO I could kill everyone. Funny enough, Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) graduated from the same university as my wife and I.