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If you are new to MillarWorld...


Totally kidding, it’s been awesome watching you chase your dream, and getting feedback from you as well.


Welcome aboard!

Don’t let being new here intimidate you. Just jump into threads that interest you or you feel you have something to add.

There are a variety of threads on all different things, comic book and non-comic book alike.

When I joined the board 14 years ago, I just dove in either asking questions or giving my thoughts on the topic at hand.

As you said you were new to comics, I think you could bring great insight into discussions attracting new readers. The current discussion in the Marvel Comics Thread may be able benefit from you.

Don’t let the large thread lengths of some threads scare you. You may want to go to the end and look at the last few dozen posts or so.

Most importantly, have fun!


Hey Nagy!

Welcome to the board, buddy.
Honestly, we are all good people…well, apart from @markabnett…he is a bit of a dick!
He is the human equivalent of athletes foot…irritating at first, but when he is gone and not around…you kinda miss him! :wink:

As The great Todd said, just jump in!
Nothing wrong with being a noob!
If you are new to comics that’s even better because you have no preconceptions about what has gone before in the 80 odd years of Marvel and DC!
You are a blank canvas, my friend.
If you want any recommendations of comics to read let us know…there are enough different voice to give you some fantastic suggestions!
But serioulsy…@markabnett is a dick


I took inspiration from all the penis’s Matt draws on my personalised copies of his books.

But seriously he’s right I’m a TOTAL Dick


He really does have a mean autograph…




And to be honest, even veteran comic readers get over their curmudgeon ways and say insightful things, such as, for example, “Man of Steel, wow what a great movie!”. We just smile fondly at such people and appreciate their growth as a person.

(I hope enough people get to read this before @RonnieM comes and edits it as usual :stuck_out_tongue: ) :wink:


Dammit Ronnie :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not exactly new to millarworld but I want to ask a question: What are the guidelines/rules when promoting one’s own webcomic/webmanga? I ask this because I have seen a ot of people posting here their own works.


It’s no problem, start a thread in the Creative Central subforum and you’re good to go.


I’d keep it all in the one thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Thanks, too!


phew… that makes me feel much better :smiley:

PS good pointers!


is there a post already for posting sketches or commissions? The ones fans get or order or…


Not that I know of…start one…
If there is the mods will redirect it to a previous thread and close thto new be down.


good one



thanks! Will redirect :smiley: