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I can’t decide if spokenly reminds me more of the word “slovenly” or “heavenly” … No, you’re right. It has to be slovenly. :wink:


Slovenly definitely describes @mattgarvey1981.


I resemble that remark!



Great post @mattgarvey1981. For a variety of reasons I don’t post much but I certainly enjoy reading yours.


Sorry, I don’t t speak Spanish


Thanks, buddy…
I can assure you that post wasn’t directed at you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Careful Kev. Next time we catch up I will tell you stories.
Horrible, horrible stories


About me?
I’m lovely


sure you are sweety. sure you are. :wink:


Welcome to Millarworld!!!
Hope you survive the experience!!!


@mattgarvey1981 I didn’t think it was :smile:

@markabnett I look forward to my skin crawling :wink:


Dude, that’s ancient Babylonian


Fine just another language I’ll never master…just like engloosh


English is my second language and I don’t have a first.


I har noticed, I just didn’t wanna say


Hi Matt,

Your post struck a chord with me. This is my first time to post. I have been checking the forums since the first annual competition, participated in both annuals as a writer and failed. The main reason I don’t post is being an introvert plus being intimidated by being a noob comic book reader with all the comic book buffs here.
I will try to be active. Is there a recent introduce yourself post?

Best regards,
M. Nagy



Yes, there’s an Introduce Yourself thread here:


Thanks Dave


So, about my kickstarter…