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If you are new to MillarWorld...


Hello Guys and Girls,

I hope that this post finds you well?

That’s a rhetorical question if I’m honest… :wink:

The reason for this thread is that i’ve noticed a couple of trends recently from first-time posters and i just wanted to give you some advice.

I have been a member of MillarWorld for well over 8 years now…(i know, i still look so young)

During this time, the forum has been Sooooooooo supportive of my comic making and i don’t just mean financially (even though a number of members do buy EVERY comic i put out, they are my favourite members), but i mean with encouragement too, which in those early days was priceless.

Over the last couple of years, i have noticed a few trends from new or occasional members.

I say occasional, because they are the members who only pop up when the Cheif starts his annual talent search.

Which is fine, its lovely to see so many people wanting to get stuck in and write comics!

They tend to say hello, submit, but then disappear into The Ether until the next one…which is fine and that’s your prerogative.

If that’s you, again that’s cool, but if i can give you some advice…don’t just wait around for that golden ticket…the reason i say that is, i’ve been making my own comics for 8 years now.

Still never been published (outside “self”), so if you just are waiting around for the next competition, you are wasting all your enthusiasm and passion…on a competition, that if we are honest you might not even win…you could…but what if you don’t?!

If you wanna make comics, Just get out there and make your own comics, start small 3/4 page stories, learn your craft and post them on here.

We’ll check them out and give you a critique and advice on how to improve!

We are a community it is what we do…we all wanna see cool art and read the great comics you have made.

The other trend I’ve noticed is members, who again are not round regularly (and i don’t mean for a few months, i mean at least a year), but then come back because they have a Kickstarter, they want to promote it and help get it fund.

Which is great, you are out there, you are making comics and you have found a stream to help you fund that, brilliant.

But, in my opinion (and only mine), personally when i see these, it is VERY doubtful that i am going to click on your link, let alone pledge towards your project, because to me (and again, only me) this makes you look like a person who only comes around when YOU want something…So, why should i support you?

Which is such as shame because i LOVE backing kickstarters and i back at least 2 or 3 a month…and those that i do are of people that i know, or they have recommended or i have found from searching on KS which i do regular looking for cool projects.

So, you’d have more chance of me pledging if i came across is fresh rather than, someone who doesn’t really get involved on here and then just post I HAVE A KICKSTARTER.

However, if you were an active member who made comments in other people threads, had “banter” with us etc and THEN you dropped “oh, i have kickstarter starting next month” i think THINK you might get a little bit more support from us because we all want you to succeed.

So, what i am saying, is GET INVOLVED…MillarWolrd is a community and a great one!

Over the years i have noticed, you get out of MillarWolrd, what you put in!

So, don’t be shy, we won’t bite!

Again, both these trends are something that i have noticed and are mine alone.
They do not reflect those of the Mods or the Millarworld staff.

So, let’s have a chat! :wink:

Lotsa love



Don’t ever miss an opportunity for a plug. :slight_smile:


well of course! :rofl:


Nicely said, Matt. I should start a Kickstarter next month, just because I know one person who loves backing them. :smile:


you got my money!


Are you sure you’re using your mirror the right way?

In all seriousness, that was a great post.

Definitely get involved with the Board. Don’t limit yourself to the creative threads. Get involved in other discussions. It lets people get to know you better so when you need input or assistance on a kickstarter, we’re helping a friend.

One other thing: When looking at your work, people here will be honest. It may not be what you want to hear but it is said because we want you to succeed, not fail.


Eight years and you still haven’t learned how to put your threads in the creative section of the forum. You tell 'em, Matt. :wink:



i think Dave meant this kinda plug:



Please back my Kickstarter to hire someone to post more regularly on Millarworld with my account.


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what happend to you, Lorcan?
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Even better. :slight_smile:


I was never cool.


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that could work…you’d be like the Adele of MW


Spoken like only Garvey could. Well said. I have been less frequent on here just because I thought with the Netflix thing, this forum might be going down. I’m so happy to be wrong! :slight_smile:


i spokenly?