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Idea I have for a new series/mini


Hi all, not sure if this is the place to post this but here goes… How about creating a new mini-series (perhaps ongoing if it does well enough) that would address the current events in the world we live in. I don’t mean in a hugs and kisses sort of way but with a badass super in the vein of Irredeemable who fights for what is right. One that would ‘kick ass’ against ISIS, the Taliban and perhaps slap down Kim Jun Un after he freaks out and launches his nukes? Basically, he tries to make the world a better place with a better future than what we face right now. He doesn’t need to be all powerful like Superman or Hyperion but is still able to defeat any known conventional enemy of the world. A passionate man or woman that just shows up one day. The only one on the planet who comes out of hiding because of the current world situation. I personally would make a violent, mature rated book that somehow inspires hope while at the same time taking out today’s real life bad guys with extreme prejudice. A fictional superhuman set in the real world might just be what we need. Anyway, just a thought because I, for one, am so sickened by what the world is turning into.


What if that super isn’t human? What if it’s an animal or something else just to get an outside perspective on what humans do, good or bad? Just a thought though… :smile:


So it’s a propaganda style book?
Or does it become a meditation on superpowers and morality and who gave this guy the right to choose who to help?


Never thought of it as a propaganda book. Just a way to instill a bit of satisfaction in readers minds who cannot personally do a thing to make the world a safer place and are frustrated at the lack of progress by the powers that be… There is no intention to do anything here but create a fantasy that is the subject of daydreams all over the world by freedom and safety loving people. As to who gets a smackdown, it is pretty obvious to most who the bad guys are in today’s world. Please don’t turn this into an agenda of mine. I have no intention of making this political or even a question of right and wrong. It is just a way to escape into a world we all wish we could live in. One where everyone get along and if you want to kill those people, you pay for it, in this case, via a visit from a really powerful fake super person. Real world events in real world locations where the world becomes safe. Truly a fantasy.


Show the stupidity of humans through an animal. Not bad. Maybe a different animal indigenous to that location for each issue. Horses in the US, Camels in the Middle East, etc…Perhaps a different book but certainly one that I would read.


You know what, I like what you have in mind. I can personally relate to the fact that here in my country alone, there are alot of unsolved cases. The phrase “justice delayed is justice denied” is pretty prevalent here. I’m currently writing a crime book in progress although I still need an artist to collaborate on but after, maybe I will write a story which will mirror the events here in my country.


One more thing, He/she helps everyone he can with the obvious exceptions, ie., no help for ISIS and the like. Race, gender, nationality, doesn’t matter. Perhaps he tries to help too much and it drives him insane? This could be a whole different story arc.


You know what, I may try to create a story for that as well. :smiley:


Have you ever read Frank Miller’s Holy Terror? It sounds like pretty much exactly what you’re looking for.


Thanks. I’ll order it and give it a try.


Be warned, it’s not particularly sophisticated in terms of the way it depicts the Islamic terrorist villains. In fact that’s an understatement - they’re painted in such broad strokes, with such a reliance on stereotypes and xenophobia, that it’s downright offensive at times.

Miller said he wanted to make a propaganda book for the modern day, and it definitely feels like that.


Still, it’s hard to say even today’s world is worse that the world of 1916. Look at China. While the United States was involved in its Civil War, China was undergoing the Taiping Rebellion which lasted longer and cost about 10 times as many lives. Afterwards, hundreds of thousands were killed by the Qing dynasty in reprisals. Before that, there was the first Opium War (with the British Empire fighting to protect its drug trade). After the Taiping Rebellion, there was the second Opium War (boy, did the British like their opium products!) followed by the Boxer Rebellion, the Coolie Revolt, etc. All forcing millions of Chinese to leave and take backbreaking jobs in places like the American West (and Mexico) where they could be killed in masses with no recourse or retribution. After they basically built our railroads, they had to pretty much go into hiding, literally living underground in many Western and Midwestern cities, where they were not allowed to pursue employment. Meanwhile, on the mainland, you had World War 1, the Japanese invasion, World War 2, the communist war with the nationalists, the Cultural revolution and finally Tienanmen Square. So, today, China, with all its problems looks a lot better than it did just a couple decades ago.

Even with the current “Islamic militant” activities, are they really all that worse than the chaos and disorder across Europe and the world during the 50’s and 60’s with wars in Korea and Southeast Asia (including Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos), riots and murders in American Cities over Civil Rights, communist revolutionaries and Palestinian freedom fighters?

Like a point I made in a post on MAN OF STEEL, the problem such a hero faces in the “real world” is that physical power solves very little by itself. In Philip Wylie’s novel GLADIATOR, the protagonist is super-strong and indestructible like Superman in the comic strip that came out the year after Wylie’s book was published. However, in Gladiator, even when he tries to be a super-hero, he’s prevented by the basic nature of people and the society of the day. He ends up going to South America where he works as a guide, and when someone discovers his abilities and asks why he doesn’t do more with them, he says, “There is nothing I can do that many men with machines cannot do.” The story at heart was a socialist commentary pointing out that no one man, no matter how powerful, can effect real change in the world if the society doesn’t already have the will or isn’t properly designed for it. If people really want to solve the problems they face as a society, then they don’t need a super-hero to do it. In fact the super-hero would just become another part of the problems.

That much power can only really end up being a destructive force (which was more a commentary on technology) when the person possessing it attempts to impose their idea of right and wrong onto others. And what ends up being imposed turns into hatred and war.

So, in Man of Steel, we were presented with the basic idea that it would be good to have a Superman, but Clark wasn’t sure if he could trust the human race. In fact though, the human race doesn’t need a Superman and can’t use one. This is primarily why super-heroes always deal with super-villains. They are only useful if they are fighting an antagonist matched to their own unrealism. This is why Superman deals with Zod in the end of the movie rather than Al Queda, too. Or ends up fighting Batman and Doomsday in the end of BvS rather than real problems in the real world. Or why Batman and Superman (and pretty much all superheroes) begin fighting regular criminals and end up with a villains gallery of grotesque Dick Tracy style super-criminals, mad scientists, space aliens and other super-people.


Black Summer also has some interesting points about a “real world” Authority.


Hey BH, I absolutely agree with you that the world is really no better or worse than it has been over the centuries. At any one time, chosen throughout history, there has been tremendous violence and hatred in different parts of the world. The big difference now is that, with terrorism, extreme violence can hit anyone anywhere at anytime. This makes today’s world a much scarier place to live in for the average person. Also, these things are not in our past but are happening in our lifetimes which also makes them that much more horrific. Having a made up character such as Captain America in WW2 gives the reader a sense of relief (even if it is false) if only for a moment which makes the individuals world a bit better in the time it takes to read the tabloid in hand. How many people out there wish they could single-handedly wipe out the ‘bad guys’ after reading about the latest attack? I know I do. A bit of escapism via a book or a comic or a movie has always been sought after by just about everyone at any time in history. Today’s world is, admittedly, more of the same but having an imaginary hero feels more relevant than at any other time because we are living it.


I think I read this in the past but will read it again with a different mindset. Thanks for the suggestion.