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I would like your opinion - Ricardo Silva


Sample Pages - Ricardo Silva

Hello to all of the MillarWorld Forum.
I’m posting sample pages and would like your opinion.

I’d like to work in publishers, what do I need to improve on my work?
Thank you very much for your opinion!



2 images is too little to see a trend… however you’re quite skilled, so that’s good. Looks like pro-quality.

Off of those 2 images (and if you’re planning on drawing spider-man) look out for consistency, i.e. Spidey’s costume lines… you use fewer lines in one page, then a lot more on the splash page… not that big of a deal, but it’s always good to be consistent. Consistency always leads to creating your own style too, which is essential in becoming a name.

That’s about all I can say based on 2 pages though =P


Great man! Keep up. If you ask me, you don’t need to do anything more.


Thank you very much!


Thanks man!!


Yeah, I agree with the poster above. It’s always good to be precise in how you draw your characters. That way you build your style.

Though Norm Breyfogle Batman, for e.x, is quite inconsistent in terms of look and yet, incredibly universal and easy to single out.

But, neverthless, images look great.


really nice work! would happily read a comic with art this good!