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I Was Wondering...

If anyone else has encountered this situation. I sent some of my books to the Marvel talent scouts at the beginning of the year in an effort to get writing jobs with them and was contacted a few weeks later and told my books had been passed on to the editors for review and to keep in touch and send my latest and greatest. I did just that but last month, I got an email from the talent scout saying they can’t review an original story written by me. I was a bit surprised by this since I was sending original stories from the beginning and emailed back to ask what she would suggest as the best way to showcase my work in an effort to be the biggest asset to Marvel that I could. I never heard back. Has Marvel changed their policies on looking at the work of new writing talent? Has something like this happened to anyone on here? If they haven’t changed their policies, maybe they don’t like my latest work - lol. I am not putting this up to badmouth the talent scout or Marvel - in fact, I really appreciate all the correspondence and assistance she provided me. I am really just trying to understand and wanted to see if anyone here may have any light to shed on the subject. I really appreciate this forum and this community. Thank you for checking this out - any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Writing for Marvel is like playing in the NFL. They might take someone off the street, but almost everyone on their staff started at a smaller publisher and got their attention. You need to cut your teeth before you get called up to the majors. It’s not just your writing they need to question, it’s you ability to write any character and deliver on time, to hit the tone they want and write any kind of book.

The best way to get their attention is to write other books and do them well. Give them a comic to read, or better year write a comic that generates buzz. Smaller publishers are always looking for new talent and lots of the forum members have had success starting thatw ay.


Yeah I am surprised you got that far. Marvel have long said they don’t really accept submissions from new writers. They like people who have completed comics and review those if they get some buzz. I can’t think of the last writer they had that hadn’t already been published already (If not in comics they’ve done TV or novels).


My advice for what is worth is …
Create your own stuff month in month out. Wether it’s with colaborators or your drawing stick figures & using photos.
Post it,publish it. Give it away if you have to.
Create a fan base.
Send hard copies to editors.
And repeat.

Don’t hound them. Don’t harass them. Create your own world and if your good enough they will come to you.

Or they won’t and you will have the satisfaction of creating something that is yours and that your proud of.


That is great advice! I self-published for several years and switched gears to trying to get writing work with established companies. Creating my own stuff again will definitely have its merits! Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Thank you for your response. Yeah, I haven’t seen too many people get writing gigs at Marvel that didn’t have some good word of mouth going for their work. I self-published for several years, but wasn’t anything more than a blip on their radar in terms of the volume of books I put out.

Thank you for your response and advice. I would be best served by focusing on smaller publishers that I can work for to start building a reputation and body of work that will impress.