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I want to colaborate with a writter

Before i start to tell them that i am from Mexico, so sorry for my orthography.

My dream is become a comic book artist, but i really dont know how to start, obviously is drawing comics but the problem is that i am no really a good writter, so i want to colaborate with someone who can gives me a good script that i can draw.

i want to draw like i dont know 8-10 pages, so the stories
Have to be short and above all self-enclosing.

i am anexing some of my very short and bad pages.


Those are some amazing samples, Oscar! I am sure you’re going to be swamped with offers for collaborations any minute, as more often it’s the other way around, with writers looking for artists -
and we have some pretty great writers here. I hope you find someone who fits what you want to do and you create some amazing comics together!


Youve come to the right place, buddy!


Great samples too, post more!

In my opinion, you should post:
What are you going to do with the script?
Because, you know, people are going to put a lot of effort in those pages and they want something in return.
I am EXTREMELY sorry if this sounds rude and it isn’t what you expected, and I think you are VERY good, but that’s how it works, I guess. But I might be wrong.

Would love to write something for you.

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Well, do it!!

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Ah. Well all right, then!

Great art!

Very nice pages!

Page rates?

Hi there, I love your work, and I’m especially interested in the stuff you have on the tenth page and the final page. I have a short script that I wrote for such a style, in which a message is left on the answering machine of a Superman-archetype. I wrote it a while back and so would like to re-tool it, but if it sounds like something you’d be interested in, drop me a line :slight_smile:

Hola Oscar,

Que tremenda tu arte, cuando quieres me avisas para colaborar en algo, yo escribo primordialmente en ingles pero my lenguaje materno es Español, me envias tu direccion de email.



I’m sure you have lots of offers already but if you’re still looking for someone, I’m always looking for collaborators!

I wrote some short Batman scripts awhile back (about 8 pages). If you’re interested in having something like that for samples, let me know.

Who am I? I was a reporter for CBR for many years, I studied screenwriting at USC and have taught the subject as well. I’ve made several short films, and I continue to write all the time. Thanks!

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I actually also have a four-page script that I submitted to 2000AD last year, but it got lost in the mail so I’ll be resubmitting it this year. If you want to take a look let me know and maybe you could use that as your submission as well.

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Please, let me check it, i will love to draw it

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Certainly – send me your email address and I’ll pass it on :slight_smile: