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I think we've stumbled onto something lucky with Huck!


Starlight was very well reviewed as was Jupiter’s Legacy, but there’s something weird happening with Huck that’s pushing it beyond even Chrononauts in terms of tapping into something. I dunno what it is. Maybe just people tired of the dark and needing a little light. Something to make them feel good like Guardians did. But we’re really getting a lot of 5 stars here, which is really exciting for Rafa and I. We’re really jazzed about this book. Here’s Impulse Gamer’s review that went up this morning…



I felt when we got to see the first issue a few months back now that Rafa’s work is incredible. In one sense it isn’t an enormous shift from his American Vampire work but there’s a really classic bold tone to it that’s perfect for the subject matter.

It’s not just about picking the best artists in the business but the best ones for that particular job.


I did a small advance review on my podcast, and yeah I was really struck about how light it was.
You’ve done some fantastic light stuff before - but there’s something about Albuquerque’s art that makes it so huggable


I think you’re tapping in to the new zeitgeist here. I think you’re on the forefront of a shift from “grim and gritty” to “bright and hopeful”. I can’t wait for more Huck.


C’mon, Mark. Look at the series of events, how each title you’ve written and put out follow a definite curve. Going dark is very much First Decade. It’s time for the latest set of young’uns to be taught how to be a hero again.