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I Need Help Finding Comic Paper!


I’m working on a comic of mine but I’ve come upon a bit of a snag…comic paper.
I recently bought some a couple month’s ago only to find out the paper is way too smooth!
I need help finding comic paper or paper that feels a bit ruff that’s not smooth and is 11 by 17 inches please.
If anyone knows a good source to find paper like this it would be much appreciated.


If there is a Hobby Lobby in your area it might be worth a look. I was looking for blank newspaper to print a replica and they had several sizes in stock. There was a pretty large selection of specialty paper there.


It depends on where you live. Like @Andy said, Hobby Lobby is a pretty good one for most parts of the US. If you live near a more metropolitan area, you may look for a Blick Art Supply store. If you want something specifically for comics, there is the Kubert School Art Store. The same material may be available elsewhere but I would guarantee that they know what they’re talking about.


I use Strathmore, straight from Amazon, but it is pretty smooth. Sometimes Staples has a paper sale that will apply to bristol, and I’ll stock up.


This is great thank you! but I’m trying to find rough paper :frowning:


I have a small stack of official Valiant paper stock. The grit and roughness of the stock they use is amazing. It feels like freaking papyrus. They should sell it. It is hard to find paper like that.


Damnit that would be nice :confused: