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I need a writter..


Hello There, my name is Oscar Pinto.

well. i just see for the first time a thread mattgarvey, about an anthology he is about to do, so i need a writter to team with me to do a 4 page comics, so if anyone is interested, please send me an email to

Here is my portafolio:


Hi Oscar,

Really sorry, buddy…but you can’t enter.
Looking at your deviant art page you are already making comics…WHICH IS GREAT.

But this anthology is purely for people who have never tried!



my man , the things you see i do it , but just for my portafolio, they are just pages i do of scripts i download, i never been able to find a job in the industry and i never been published.


sorry, buddy, but you have done stuff like this:

that means you have done a seqential story…this anthology is for people who have never had a go!
Again really sorry…

But you are already a comic maker…SO DONT STOP!


Hi Oscar, I have a four page script for a 2000AD submission knocking about that I haven’t posted, I could hoke it out and you could do the art for it and make it a double submission?

I’m not sure they accept submissions like that formally but I imagine it would at least get read and put you on their radar.


sadly they dont…

if you are a writer you have to write an original 4 page future shock story and submit it with no art…

artist have to use a sample script of theirs to show the can tell a story.

if you decide to work together, maybe come up with an original 4 page story…there are plenty of anthologies out there that accept submissions.


Buh. That puts the brakes on that one. I don’t even have time right now to write because of my everyday work.


do what i do…WAKE UP EARLIER! :wink:


I keep getting older and the mornings keep getting younger :joy:


well, you’ve just done 3 or 4 posts…you could write 3 or 4 panels :wink:
thats a page…just saying…
i do a 45 hour (at least day job) week and still managed to write around 5-6 pages per day…
S’all in the planning! :wink:


You work 45 hours a day?!? :wink:


i’m on centurion time


You are under the assumption that I use my imagination when writing posts on Millarworld. It’s multi-tasking on a toddler-like level.


I imagine I’m on a fun forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


mattgarvey is absolutely right!, sadly if you want to have development in your art you have to sometimes sacrifice time of your life.

thanks!, for respond my post, i fell sad, cause i really want to enter and be published, but i understood the reasons. And, well i fell happy for this kind of ¿“compliment”?.

And if anyone who see this post want to work with me, send my an inbox.

the bad things it is that i will have to respond and cancel all the email that had been sended to me. hahaha

you can follow me in my twitter too. @pinto_dominic


(Are you the same dude I sent a script to a while back? The Japanese gangsters? Did you want to do something with that? I would be willing to pay this time.)


i dont really know hahaha, but for me will be great to work with you, send me an email please, with the script please, and we will be talk about it. regards!!