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I like The Rock as a movie star...


…he’d been struggling for a few years as an Arnie archetype, but made the odd choice of going straight to Kindergarten Cop and passing Terminator 1 and 2. This gave him a PG Arnie vibe that never quite made him A-list until we all noticed in 2015 that he was the most consistently grossing actor of the previous 5 years with Fast and The Furious, those Journey movies and even a very average disaster movie making half a billion dollars.

I think a certain amount of luck was involved here, but Baywatch opening at 18 mill this weekend makes me worry he’s squandering all that hard work he’s done. People WANT to like The Rock. He seems a nice guy, but I feel he’s in an awful lot of stuff and it’s not all good for him. I’d love to see him him in something more bad-ass. He’d be amazing if he went 1984-19882 Arnie just once.



I dunno. I think the Rundown was his Terminator 2. In quality.

In terms of solo box office draw then yeah. He’s passed by that area in his career without that smash.


The Rock is 45 years old.


I’ll add Walking Tall onto the list then.


Another guilty pleasure of mine.


Honestly all of Rock’s movies that he’s actually a benefit to (I don’t count the F&F movies since I think he’s a detriment) are guiltyish pleasures.


The OP is a fair post. Honestly I wanted to like the Rock for a while bit I’m now past that point, although I have liked him in a few things.

I personally don’t feel he moves the needle for F&F grosses, but maybe he does. His character seems like a weak spot in the films though.


It’ll be interesting to see how Jumanji does later this year.

Except for Moana, which is great, I mostly agree with you. Outside of the F&F movies, Central Intelligence is his only movie I like, and that’s only above average.


I’ve liked him in the ones I’ve listed and even Southland Tales.

But he’s dipped way too much into self reference and parody. It’s gotten annoying.
His bits on F7 were almost unbearable. @PaulF sorry


Him joining for Fast Five was definitely a big part in the jump in gross for that movie from the previous ones. I don’t know if they need him anymore, and we might see, given the ending to Fast 8 and the possible spin-off he’s doing instead of #9.


He’s the single reason I didn’t see F8 in theaters.


I think you’re mostly on your own there.


Seems like a nice fellow. C’mon, Baywatch was never good on TV, just the standard T&A show of the time. No wonder he spent so much time that would have been devoted to PR for a good film to talk about wanting to be Black Adam. This seems a fine idea.


He’s just way too self centered a presence in those movies.


Baywatch wasn’t terrible. It just had no idea what it wanted to be. Moderately goofy or Naked Gun goofy. Ruined itself.


So is almost everybody else in those films though.


True but they’re all overshadowed by the cars and hip hop culture.

The Rock gets a close up of himself flexing to break his cast. That’s when I realized I couldn’t stand him anymore.


I’m all in for The Rock and Shane Black’s Doc Savage movie.


He looks like Black Adam but the Shazam film seems to just be talk. He needs an super hero franchise. I love cars but the furious films I’ve seen are clearly aimed at teens.

He’s great in Ballers which is like a modern Entourage.


I’ve enjoyed him in his his HBO series Ballers.