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I just noticed - Civil War and BVS had very similar plots!



It’s something that just hit me the other day. Think about it…

*Two heroes who should be best friends were tricked into fighting by a background manipulator, the death of a mother being integral to the finale of both fights. Both were incredibly dark movies with the superheroes often intent on murdering the other and both had major characters in small roles (Batman and Wonder Woman) who appeared and stole the show as the best thing in said movie. Both movies also started with massive civilian casualties during a superhero event prompting the schism between the two guys in costumes. Both also had endings I genuinely can’t quite remember. Did Cap get arrested at the end of Civil War? Did somebody free them? Did Superman die? Did we see his chest moving? I need to see them again to be sure, but these movies are a lot more similar than people are noticing.



Who stole the show in Civil War? My choice would be Black Panther. I was very happy with how he turned out.


It’s funny that fans are able to praise Marvel for the same things they damn DC for.


You know it’s not that simple Will. :slight_smile:

And you also know that if we start getting into why it’s not that simple it’ll get quite heated quite quickly.


Well that’s because Marvel actually do them well.


Or perhaps is it more reasonable to say that people react differently to different things and that there is no objective standard by which these things can be judged.

As far as I understand it, that is largely on purpose.


Hmm… no, I think I’m right. :wink:


Well, when you put it like that… :smile:

Note: I haven’t seen Batman V Superman, but I know that the discussion about it got pretty intense. There are some fairly passionate defenders.


So, why aren’t people talking about this more? I had a good friend see both (he’s a huge Marvel fan), and he never mentioned the similarities…and he loved CW and was meh over BvS. This kind of comparison is right up his alley! Now I must ask him…well, maybe I’ll let him sleep since it’s 3AM here…

I haven’t seen CW (getting pretty numb to the “Disney hand” in these Marvel movies) but now looking forward to seeing it with this in mind.


I’m fairly certain most people (who watched both) noticed, I mean I half expected Tony’s mom to be called Martha when I was watching it :smile:

I wonder if Marvel did indeed choose to go with CW instead of a Cap3 sequel in response to BvS… I mean, I assume it was coincidence that the plots were SO similar, but surely they chose CW because of the whole superhero vs superhero fight thing, so it was somewhat inevitable that some themes would overlap I suppose.


At least BvS tried to have an ending.
Sorry if that sounds too confrontational, but it;s true
Even Fant4stic tried that too,


And both movies had incidents in Africa. :wink:


Which one is Deep Impact and which one is Armageddon?


I really liked both films and thought they had a lot of similarities.

I thought Batman v. Superman was dark in its execution but Civil War was much darker in its purpose. With the former, Bruce doesn’t know Clark and sees him as a threat to humanity until he realizes that he is quite human. Tony is Steve’s friend and increases his level of brutality once the villain reveals his master plan of manipulation.


A big part of the Bucky/Cap relationship was based on the fact that Bucky knew Cap’s mother name.

I thought the movies were identical with the exception of the airport scene which wandered in from a different movie entirely, and had essentially the same reaction to them.


BvS - Deep Impact
Armageddon - Civil War




One tried harder than the other, what can I say?

Both edged cheesy schlock though


I don’t know which movie you’re insulting the most here?


It’s kinda like a rorschach test isn’t it?

But, I am trying to say I think Civil War was the lesser movie, yeah