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I draw pictures or very muscley men and I like it...


Maybe it is because I grew up in the 90’s.

To think I used to be a real bona fide Disney animator.


Sorry to hear that. I know how the Mouse House treated some artistic types. Hope your experience was a good one!

Very muscle-y. :smile_cat:


Those are great!


Disney was a great place to work at the time - back in the days when people actually drew their cartoons on paper with pencils and the cels were hand painted downstairs. I even go to work on Gargoyles for a spell - about as close to muscles as we got. Not counting the Genie from Aladdin. Who I never could decided was bulked up or just bulky.


i love those!


Thanks Matt, I also like drawing muscley women and muscley flying horses like She-Ra and Swiftwind


i’m noticing a theme here… :smiley:
Another great picture, my friend.


That’s great! I love She-Ra’s pose. It’s very dynamic and looks like one frame from a cartoon. Now I want to see the rest of the episode!


Seriously enjoyed this movie and now it is out on video I wanted to share with the board my fan arts of another muscle bound hero of mine.


Hey! They all got a shave! :laughing:


Here is some more of my art I wanted to share - The high flying Luchador and Luchadora of Guacamelee!


If I passed your table at a con I would buy that He-Man family portrait. Guess I like muscley folk too.


I just read that SuperGiant Games - Transistor has sold over a million copies. I love that game and thought I’d take a break from the muscley men and draw Red. Hope you guys like, please follow me on tumblr, twitter and instagram if you want to see more of my scribbles. Thinking I need to draw something MillarWorld next - who or what should it be?


Thanks SenorBill - if i ever make it to a con stateside or the UK I will be sure to have prints on hand.


Great stuff! Can definitely see your animation background coming through!