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I Designed a Sci-Fi Board Game - Looking for Playtesters


Hey guys and gals, I have been on the forums for a few years and competed in all the Write Offs. Recently, some friends and myself formed a board game company and are offering to email you free print & play demo (pictured below) of our first game ‘Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce’ when you sign up. It is a humorous, multi genre, dungeon crawler hybrid about escaping from an alien base. The full game will consist of seven levels and a 3D board. We would love some feedback before our April Kick Starter. Thanks!

Instagram: @sentientcowgames


Hi @csawyer I meant to reply to you in the other thread.

I’m more than happy to give the game a go, I’ve helped playtest a couple of games that have been released recently.


@Chris That would be great! Just go to and enter your email. We will send you the link to download the game. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.