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Hulk throwing a bear


What else do you need?


That GIF made it impossible for me to introduce my daughter to the old show. :wink:


You’re afraid she will want to start throwing bears if she sees it, aren’t you?


Never throw bears. This was my family’s motto for centuries, originally in Latin.



“Never throw bears but always punch foxes”

Nunquam ursi sed semper pertundam vulpes (via Google Translate)


The bear and 25 cents are maybe the best things ever.


When I get asked the same question twice my standard response is “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”. Which is always met with an eye-roll and “I’ve never even seen it!” Funny, my mom never told me how much fun it can be to annoy your kid. :wink:
Always start small, toss badgers for while and work your way up to bears. :smiley:


Be honest, you’re just afraid that if your daughter starts throwing bears, you know she’ll start throwing you.


I always liked the riff on that, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry.” :wink:


It’s so nice to see a gif from my youth.

Ah, bear-tossing! Good times, good times…


You kiss your mother with that mouth?