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Hugh Jackman talks Wolverine: Logan to NYT


Very interesting interview :slight_smile:



I’m going to be sad to see him go. Even though he’s already donned the claws more than almost anyone has inhabited any film role, he just owns it so well, regardless of the quality of the films themselves.

He’s also the first film star I ever saw in person, at Hall H at the SDCC quite some time ago, so maybe that entrenches my views even more.

Here’s to hoping this film gives a truly proper send-off!

Edit: Technically he wasn’t the first film star I saw in person; I shook hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger in my English classroom in 2002, but he was there in his capacity of possible upcoming governor, and not as a film star.


That’s a great article but it’s a bit odd they almost go out of their way to not mention Old Man Logan even though it was heavily mentioned in the run up to this film getting made and even fits much of what is given as the influences in the article.

In that memo, Mr. Jackman laid out the framework for “Logan,” with a story that would take its influences from “Unforgiven,” “The Wrestler” and “Shane” (a portion of which appears in “Logan”), and tell the story of “the fallen hero, trying to escape his past, find some peace and deal with disappointment and regret,” he said.


They are bonkers letting him go when he could keep going in that role, certainly as old man Logan, another 15 years.

As bonkers as Warners losing Nolan and Bale and the wonderful faux real universe they had begun to forge only for the replacement to be a return to what went long before.


Ach, no biggie :slight_smile:



Really? You don’t think he owns it?

My worry is the inevitable recast shows another generic,cookie cutter, pretty American 20 something who has abs and vascularity through his arms.


I think he was responding to my comment. :wink: