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Huge Millarworld movie news tonight!


Not sure what time this is going live at, but the producers are putting out a big story later today I think you’ll all be very tickled by. It’s not Empress, it’s not Kick-Ass, it’s even even the big Greg Capullo project, but it’s the biggest single needs story we’ve ever had at the company.

Intrigued? You should be. Nobody saw this on coming!!!



I’m intrigued.


Ooh, exciting! Usually Ronnie teases insider knowledge, so I’m doubly intrigued.


You’re being bought by Disney?


Hit Girl and Big Daddy redone as an animated musical by the team who did Frozen. Let it Go takes on an entirely new meaning.


You’ve watched the new episode of Game of Thrones?


Not sure if that was directed to me, but no. I’m way behind. Still on series 3.


Hmm… :slight_smile:



You can buy a ranch next to George Lucas!


Or just George Lucas?!!!


Sony finally gave a green light to this?


If Lorenzo di Bonaventura is involved with this at all I’m going to explode with excitement… Better keep a mop handy.


I keep trying to get the noobies to swab out the bog,
but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Let’s see - who had a big-budget movie crash and burn just recently, is very familiar with superheroic film tropes, and has a quite costly lifestyle? Who might just want to sign for something in a big hurry?

I guess I need to stroll through Pre-Production Hell and look around.