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Huck variants - Can you name the feel-good movies?




These are freaking awesome!

^ The movie I quote from on a daily basis :thumbsup:

^ The 1st movie to make me cry (I was 10…cut me some slack :wink: )

I love this image of Huck with his notebook, I was on the set for Field of Dreams, but never saw the movie.


Damn these are good . I have got to admit I’m not a big buyer of variants but the Millarworld titles of late have all had an extremely high quality .
I actually have a massive soft spot for Field of Dreams as a movie and I’m actually kinda jealous of @Bigdaddy !


I had to get my dog that had run onto the set, if I knew what was being filmed I would have tried to get JEJ autograph. :slight_smile:


AJ I still find it immensely cool and I’d be playing it vague like " Yeah sure I was on the set with Darth Vadar " lol