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Huck - The New Book from Millarworld!!!


It’s been a good couple of years.

Jupiter’s Legacy, MPH, Starlight, Jupiter’s Circle, Kick-Ass 3 and Chrononauts I’m really, really happy with. I work around a year ahead on books so the artist can be completely done by the time we launch and I’m so excited about what we have coming up.

THREE new books planned over the next 12 months plus Starlight and Chrononauts sequels, American Jesus and Nemesis Returns. The latter two are mostly written, the other stuff being done as of next week when I write the final issue of HUCK, which you’ll hear more about first week in July.

Out of everything I’m doing I’ve found Huck the easiest. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done. My agent is going nuts for it and wants to hook me up with the movie deal now, but I want to get the book finished next week before I even think about it. This has just been a labour of love and the art for the first issue is literally sumptuous. I showed this to my sister and she burst into tears.

What does it all mean?

You’re in for a TREAT.

Full details in July.



Just wish you stop the fondling above the shirt and get to it!


Happy to know that!!! It will worth the wait!


Still majorly excited for American Jesus 2.
But Huck? The name is curious, intrigued.


Variation on Huck Finn?


v. hucked, huck·ing, hucks

  1. To throw or toss.
  2. To cause (a vehicle or board such as a skateboard) to leave the ground when executing a jump or stunt.
  3. To go over or across (an obstacle), especially when executing a stunt.
  4. To jump or go off (an object or cliff, for example), as in snowboarding or basejumping.


I’m just hoping its a typo and it starts with an F instead and its called F@$K!


Looking forward to hearing more about this.

That’s what I had thought.


I thought Huckleberry Hound :confused:


Alright, you got me for 6 trades over the last 60 days, come on man, I have a mortgage to pay! :wink:
Can’t wait to check this out.


Great artist on the book as usual too (yes I’m just joining in the teasing and not telling). :smile:


Dammit! When do I get let in on the super-secret stuff. Do I have to be initiated first? :wink:


Lettered, coloured issue 1 for the mods next week :slight_smile:

PS Nothing to do with Huck Finn!!


I knew it. So it’s a football throwing dare devil!


Was that a Starlight sequel confirmed!? O_O


I would buy that!! Including all the variant covers!!!


Some sentimentalist junk about High Usage Cargo Kontainers, I’m sure.

Now, what would make Mark’s sister burst into tears? Aside from the phrase “I’m moving in with you”?


They said a comics biography of Mick Hucknall would never be commercially viable, but Mark’s going to prove them all wrong.


Book One: Holding Back the Years


I’ll give a clue, the artist’s initials are ZQJ.

(There is a risk this may not be true, you roll the dice).