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Huck teaser poster has gone live!


Six page lettered preview at next week’s Image Expo. Don’t miss.

This is the new book from Millarworld and I think you’re going to bloody love it!


First issue is so good. I think people are going to remember what it was like to be a kid watching E.T. for the first time.


Given those terms, my best guess is Iron Man meets The Greatest American Hero.



Y’all had siblings, didn’t ya?



you are missing philanthropist.


You don’t have to be rich to be a philanthropist. :wink:


i know, but he ticked off the first three, Mark should have gone all the way.


So maybe he IS a philanthropist!

Besides, Stark is a begrudging philanthropist!


But he’s not a philanthropist :smile:



Not giving away much there Mark!!! That’s putting the “tease” into teaser for sure.


One more clue weaseled out of the Chief! :information_desk_person:


Hmm, from the clues I wonder if the Huck title is derivative of the word huckster…


Oh, I figured it’d have some Skottie Young art on it.


This confirms my theory that it’s about a time-travelling Huckleberry Finn who is recruited into a secret society of supervillains to save the world from the second coming of Jesus.

How close am I?


Huck needs to focus on the positive and not what he isn’t.

Also, Huck needs to talk in third person.


I just hope it isn’t a guy with a spasmodic epigastric disorder.



Mark (and some of the mods) have specifically said that Skottie Young isn’t the artist on this.


I’ve read the first ish and am loving it - the artist has done a stunning job, it looks just as cracking in black and white as it does in color.

Right now, I’ve got no time to read multi-crossover issues, dragged out chapters all simply making one thematic point, just picking up one book with a fresh start and a good chunk of the story told in the first issue was really appealing.