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i don’ t know if you have been following my “Store is open” or my “small press comics 101” threads…but I have a blinding year.
It has been better than I could have ever dreamed of:
Released seven individual issues and I got a trade coming of for Christmas…
Sold a shed loads comics…
All thanks to the people on MillarWorld, Twitter followers and the comic shops that have kindly stocked my books

I’m having a whale of a time making my comics, I wanted to do something nice!!!
So, I’m taking some HUCK-spiration into MCM on October 28th with me.
The very first person that comes to my table who buys any comic (only when the con opens)…I’m gonna give that person a copy of the six other issues that I have for sale for FREE…oh, and I won’t charge them for that first issue that they wanted to buy either!

If you are coming to MCM…you better find me quick.

So, go out there and do something nice today! :smiley:


Arrr, crap…
Just had a thought.
Saying that I’m gonna do this, does it mean it cancels out the good deed?!


Was toying with the idea of hiding comics around the comic con venue, but was worried a little kid would find a copy of CHUNKS :grimacing:


You never know. It could change that child’s life. It could be like giving them the first Velvet Underground album. That child could go home immediately and start making comics.

Or start a punk band. And score crack. :wink:


You could hide them high up?