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Huck is upon us!


With Huck upon us, I had a crack at a rendition in my Moleskine
Anybody else got some to have a gander at?


So glad you’re back. Love your journal art.

The color is really amazing in this one too.


Cheers Ronnie, its good to touch base, going to try and be much more frequent from now on. Just read Huck, I’m not afraid to day there was tears, hahaha


Looks cool!




Fantastic, Ken Jr!

Like Huck it’s certainly a real heartfelt image and very autumnal. Would like to see more of the journal art, I really dig things like that, and to end up with a fantastic looking final artbook.


Ah thanks, Sanjay, kind words.
I absolutely loved Huck, not ashamed to say it was so sweet brought a man year to my eye! Haha
If you would like to see more of my Moleskine entires, you can see them all so far on Flickr, if you go to Albums there’s one ther called Moleskine, I think there’s 45 of them so far? You can also look on Facebook for my art page, they are on there too, in higher res.
Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Here for Flickr

My Facebook art page is called The Art of SoK :+1:t3:


That is AMAZING!
I love it!


The HellBoy is pretty awesome too! :wink:


That Hellboy image is absolutely fantastic. I love the colouring.


Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen! Very much appreciated :raised_hands:t3:


Great stuff. How do you get the color so vivid without worrying about bleeding through the page?


Thanks Ronnie,
I pencil first, then ink the piece using a pentel touch brush pen, with some staedtler fine liners for smaller detail, then rub out all the pencil. then I colour it using Promarkers, they tend to bleed less than copics or tria’s. the sprayed coloured inks are done by blowing on the promarkers and then add some white highlights with a posca uni paint pen. hope that helps.
also Moleskine paper tends to bleed a lot less that cartridge paper but its thin, so always put something between the pages you colour. the best paper (most to my liking at least) I’ve found is the non shiny side of a backing board, its great to draw on, very little bleeding, but you cant make to many errors in the pencil process, as it scuffs if you rub out too many times in the same place.


pencils first


then colour


then colours blah blah :wink:


It’s always great to see the process pages, I like looking at those as much as the finished pieces.

Have you done any sequential work, Ken Jr?


Shhhh, I’m grooming him.


You don’t know how creepy that sounds… :wink:


well yeah, it was meant to. :smiley: