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Huck gets announced at previewed tomorrow!


The cover.
The synopsis.
The artist.
Six lettered and coloured pages that are just jaw-droppngly beautiful.
A big feature in Entertainment Weekly.

This is the last night you go to bed with no idea what HUCK is about.

Coming in November from Image and Millaworld.



This is going to be great.


Like others of my kind, I tend to sleep during the day.


cough cough

It’s tomorrow…


It’s Thursday, isn’t it? July 2nd.



Yes. Tomorrow from the day you said we would see it tomorrow :smile:



I had to pause and have a think about this.

That’s how little sleep I’m getting.

I’m pleased to say it’s TODAY!!!



Yay :smile:


So far, although that won’t last long. If today was tomorrow it would be payday, I’d have comics and food and such and today would have been over!