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Huck by Millar and Rafael Albuquerque!!!


Find out who at Image Expo on July 2nd.

Teaser ad for the new series up this Friday.

This is the best of the Millarworld books so far *

*Quote from Mr Jim O’Hara of this Parish.

I think we have something pretty special here and I’m very excited.



oh good, because i thought you were gonna be vague in this thread! :smiley:
You get me every time with these tease threads!


I used think this was hyperbole. I just see Millarworld as getting better and better now. It’s a good time to be reading.


I’ve been lucky enough to read this book in advance. It’s unlike anything Mark has written before, and unlike anything I’ve seen in comics in a long long time. I think it’ll capture a brand new audience and could be one of those books that gets recommended for years to come. It’s a delight, and folks who’ve enjoyed the recent Starlight & Chrononauts should be all over this.


There really does seem to be a lot of hope in it. I’ve only read the first issue but it feels like watching E.T. did when I was a kid.


I did enjoy Starlight…Chrononauts a bit less. It was good, but I think maybe the weakest of the Image-Millarworld stuff.
Too jumpy.

But that’s pretty good to hear.


I loved Chononauts, and just read the 1st issue of Starlight this morning (glad I didn’t start that for Father’s Day! :wink: ) I’m pretty excited to see what this book is about.


Loved Starlight, loved Chrononauts 1 (and delighted it is the first of a trilogy). Have no clue as to what “Huck” might be at this point. I do have a suspicion. Star-Kid got a very positive response in Starlight, with many people wanting a sequel starring him. I’m thinking that Mark, clever lad that he is, took that idea, mixed in some Samuel Clemens, and came up with a story about a star-kid that could reflect Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. In space.

A couple questions:

Is ‘Huck’ done, or in progress?

How is the next volume of American Jesus coming along? Is Peter Gross on art? If not in progress, do you have it slotted?



Huck not in space or related to Starlight:)

Yes, Huck’s first arc (six issues) done last month and American Jesus is indeed slotted, but that date won’t be public for a while yet. Pete co-owns with me and will always be the artist!



Aha! “First arc” is it? Thanks, Mark!


Sounds interesting. Mark is always excited about his new releases but the use of the word “special” is new. I’ve not been buying a lot of American format comics recently. I may have to dip in to this…


So where is this announcement?


Rafael Albuquerque was the next surprise guest on stage. He’s the artist of the recently teased “[Huck],” written by Mark Millar. “Do you remember those old '80s movies – ‘Back to the Future,’ ‘Indiana Jones’? – don’t they just feel great every time we look at them? ‘Huck’ really brings that feel.” He said “Huck” is about a guy with “learning difficulties,” who does good for good’s sake. “He helps people in his small-town community. He’s just special in all kinds of ways. He’s not only a great heart, but he also has some special powers. He’s much stronger than a normal person. He’s much faster.” The tagline on the slide reads, “What if the person you least expected had an amazing secret?”

Good get!


I really enjoyed his work on American Vampire, great choice. The story sounds like it’s right up my alley. :thumbsup:


Rafael Albuquerque

Did anyone else spot the typo in the CBR article? They misspelled Scottie Young. :neutral_face:


They also typed Huck as Hulk. I assume it’s someone typing on their phone while in the panel room.


Sherlock Holmes foiled yet again!


Agreed. This sounds really interesting.


Forest Gump with superpowers is a pretty great idea.


The teaser is him running…that’s just neat.