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Huck: Behind the Scenes Creative Tutorial


This is very interesting, the whole team talking about the process:



Enjoyed hearing from the whole team but in particular Dave McCaig. I always think a lot of people under estimate the contribution a clourist can make to the work.


That was a nice read, I love seeing how things come together. You three have a real golden triangle going! :slight_smile:


That was a great interview, Mark. I especially like the paragraph below. I never thought about the old Fleischer cartoons in that way. The bolded bit is one of my favorite things about Huck. It’s honestly something I endeavor to accomplish in my own life, doing the right thing because it’s right not because of what it gets me.

MARK MILLAR: I wanted to establish the character as efficiently as possible. He isn’t about cool one-liners or jokes or threats. There’s no pay-off quips with this guy. He just gets the job done and very much in the tradition of the old Hollywood heroes from black and white movies. Back in early cinema, all the dialogue went to the antagonist and the protagonist was a reactive force who just sorted things out. Tarzan I guess was the ultimate example of this, and of course the Fleischer Superman cartoons where the title character virtually had no dialogue. I liked the idea of a character who just very bluntly gets things done. He doesn’t hang around. He doesn’t really speak to anyone or have any friends, and that’s all planned out here, having him running through empty streets at night and doing the seemingly impossible for someone we establish he not only doesn’t want thanks from, but someone he’s never met. Everything about that character is covered here in these six pages and we know everything about him without him saying a word, right down to his little quiet joy as he watches from behind a bush at the pleasure he’s brought to someone. - See more at:


A good way to live your life.