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Huck #6 talkback thread - series finale ON SALE NOW!!!


Series 1 finale. The good news? It’s 27 pages. TASTE IT!!!



I’m not sure if I’m ready for this volume to be over. Please tell me there will be more in the future…


He said SERIES ONE finale.

Our boy takes good care of his golden geese!


3 volumes planned, brother. Rafa and I getting into the next one at the end of the year!!



Awesome. Loving his work on this book.


Thanks fella.



As I mentioned before this is the only comic that I’m currently buying monthly as a physical comic (as opposed to digital). So I went to the comics shop at lunchtime and snagged a copy with the Forrest Gump cover to go with all of my other movie variant covers.

And while I had important work stuff to do when I got back to my desk, I decided to take a little walk. It’s a lovely day here in Dublin. The sky is blue and the sun is shining and I stopped for a little while to enjoy the day and read Huck.

Mark, it an absolutely beautiful comic. I loved how this wrapped up. I loved that despite everything that had happened there was still a place for forgiveness. I like how you boiled down the essence of what a superhero should be. After years of deconstructions and demolitions (many of which are fantastic), we have a superhero who is kind and everything he does flows from that. It might be putting out the bins or it might be rescuing people from gunmen. It is all the same to him.

To Rafa. I salute you sir. This is not only a beautiful comic, it is also beautiful storytelling.

With this issue, I think Huck may have made his way on to my Top Ten Favourite superheroes list. Sorry Captain Britain- You’re out mate.


As great as it was, I really wish you’d stick to a series or two in a more continuous format, rather than just these 6 issue mini-series for everything. Any chance of that happening in the future?


Many thanks all! And yes we’re back with two more volumes of Huck, Rafa and I getting into this world again at the end of this year. Launching before that is Millarworld’s first ongoing series, actually two around the same time, so it’s funny you should bring that up. Announcements to be made over summer!

Some lovely reviews for that Huck #6. People just seem to have really taken to this. In terms of characters, it’s up there with Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl with ones people have just instantly clicked with, which is fascinating.



Great news :slight_smile: I look forward very much to seeing what those ongoings will be!


To add to my previous comics, Mrs. Jones read this last night and loved it. To give some context, she came home late last evening. She had to go to a teacher training course thing on the other side of the city from where we live. After travelling two hours to get home, all she wanted was food and sleep (not necessarily in that order). I handed her Huck and nothing would do her but to read it before she went to sleep.


Aw, that’s great. Love to hear that!



Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Huck #6 - I’m sad to see this volume come to an end. This has seriously been one of the books I most look forward to when I go to the comic shop. @Mark_Millar really stuck the ending again. While Huck grew and learned new things about himself, his underlying character didn’t waver. He showed that what many saw as a character flaw, his simple trusting nature, was actually an advantage. I think it speaks volumes to people who like Huck wouldn’t win any scholarly competitions but still have great value in the communities and world. I especially loved his ability to forgive those who had done him wrong. It’s something we could all work on. @RafaelA’s art was stellar throughout. This book like almost no other currently on the stands showed more than it told. So many panels carried everything wordlessly. I find that to be the mark of a true storyteller. Great work, @Mark_Millar & @RafaelA! I will be looking forward to the next volume.

This probably has my second favorite ending to any Millarworld book. My first is Superior. Like Huck, it kept the character true to himself and turned a “flaw” into an asset. Much how I love that Huck stayed simple and trusting, I love that Superior didn’t dismiss Simon’s disability. He is a hero because of it and not in spite of it. I feel both stories really speak well to those living with these disabilities.

Like @SimonJones, my wife is loving this series. She hurried up and finished reading Empress #1, which she loved, last night so she could move on to this issue of Huck.


@Mark_Millar - Got my digicopy, will read and review when coffee works. My buddy Garth wrote the first of a series of articles, and he addresses Wanted at length. Thought you might be interested whilst waiting for glowing reviews!

Back soon!


I really enjoyed “Huck”. Such a deft, tight conclusion to the story. I loved how neatly you took the Professor out of play… Very cool… I look forward to your follow-up volumes.



Thanks Mike. Rafa and I getting into this at Christmas. I really can’t wait!



A nice rolling denouement to the first Huck story. We do not wander off to describe in technobabble details of how so-and-so got powers or which ones run on batteries. Several unique uses of the given power sets, subtly telling the reader that Huck is nobody’s grease monkey, he has made choices to become who he is. And Rafa, of course, on point all the way. One of my favorite panels was a quiet one, the guards simply standing asking what the Hell was going on. That is precisely how I would expect some guards to react, and it did advance the story by putting the opposing factors in perspective.

Now I get spoilery, so endure the blur, Chief. The solution to Orlov simply opened a door. A big huge door. He was commanded to forget what he knew about Science. That leaves mysticism. The occult. Dark Forces. That Cthulhu fellow. It leaves manipulation and politics, which do not require Science. It hobbled Orlov, it certainly did not stop him.

Five out of five, Mark. It was written and drawn very cinematically, and may suffer less adaptation dysfunctions. Bring the movie, and Huck v.2!


Ronnie’s review pretty much sums up my feelings on this. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:
I’m behind on reading due to my crazy schedule through April but I finally caught up with Huck on Friday. I managed to get the Gump variant but I’m still looking for the standard cover. From start to finish this story has been solid gold! The last issue was perfection in writing and art, I read it three times while working on my Huck costume. It leaves me feeling good and smiling :slight_smile: I have very high hopes for the movie, and reading Huck 2 in 2017!


Thanks, brother.

It’s funny. We’ve interviewed a couple of directors and quite a few writers and so few get the feel good thing, their take being a more realistic and angst-ridden version of this, each one knocked back. I really like the studio heads at this place and their quest to find the right person intensifies this week and next as we zero in on who we want. We had an amazing call the other night with a brilliant writer/ director. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.