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Huck #4 preview - Comic on sale tomorrow (17th Feb)


You lucky people…



This issue is so good.


Is this the one supposed to bring me to tears unless I have a heart of stone?


It’s the one that’s going to kick you in the shins and take your lunch money. :wink:


Yeah, grab your teddie bears people.

That ET cover is fantastic!!


Hmmm. Last one got as far as kicking at my shins…


I’ll be resisting the preview again, I’ve already been sold on this! I’m going to Chicago tomorrow to take care of some maintenance on my sister’s house, so I’ll be getting this on the road. and back with a review on Friday.


The only preview of @Mark_Millar’s stuff I’ve read since about Wanted days has been Empress. Mark has carte blanche with me, and the only other writer in that category right now is Jim Krueger. (Because Jim knows I would go to NoHo and tickle him until he screamed for mercy while his wife and his giant dog laugh.)


Are you stopping at GCC? What time do you think you’ll be there?


Yeah, I’ll be going to the Naperville shop, probably after 6pm, it depends on how big the to-do list is. :wink:


I smell a mini Millarworld meetup. I’m jealous already. :wink:


Gosh that is some darn pretty art and colours.