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Huck #2 is on sale now!!


If you can slip your hand through a time-portal and steal one from tomorrow. Or you’re a comic store who’s about to unpack tomorrow’s books.

Image previews up anywhere yet? I haven’t noticed them!



You almost gave me a heart attack! I was about to cancel my dentist appointment today so I could go shopping. :wink:


Huck Two?



Hahah I was fooled!


Issue #2 was a WONDERFUL read and certainly showing the building blocks of where the series is going! For everyone who’s waiting out the hours till their comic shops open, it’s WELL worth it…!


I couldn’t wait a day so I tried a time travel experiment inspired by Chris Reeve in Somewhere in Time. I laid down and constantly repeated “It IS December 16th 2015” over and over, I even went so far as to wear “future” clothes, when I opened my eyes again it had worked! I had successfully time traveled to the future and now I’m heading to the shop to get Huck#2! SUCKERS! :wink:
P.S. I will be attempting to reach the future again today, I’ll let you all know how it looks when I get there. :slight_smile:


Aw, dang it! I fell asleep and all of a sudden the future was the past.

Now what?